Show me your projects!

Hello everyone!

Working in the shop I see everything that everyone buys but I rarely get to see what's done with it and that's where all the fun is! So I love it when you ladies take in your projects to show me.

Recently I had a lady in the shop quite a lot getting stressed over a scrapbook she was making for her sisters 50th. She took it in to show me before she gave it to her and it was beautiful! It was so nice to see the different things that she had done with the materials she had got from me. I love seeing different paper crafts too. I have two special ladies that come in who are very into their parchment. I'm very lucky to have received a few of their gorgeous cards.

I got given something very different this week from a lady who crafts non stop. She had made penny purses out of juice cartoons for kids. Where does she get her ideas from? It puts my crafting ideas to shame! I just thought it was so cute and different.

Katie x


Sue said...

This looks fabulous!
I have a long list of ideas to try and have added this now!
Sue xx

Tracy Welham said...

What a unique idea! It must very satisfying to see people's crafty projects.x

Rebecca Jane Whalley said...

I love a little individual project - I've just started with some Boodles yarn! Check it out at xxx