SOS Pillowcase dresses

A good weekend to you all, my weekly look around pinterest has led me to share with you these delightful dresses for little girls.

A simple sewing project that even I will try, just waiting for the time when I have little angels to dress again.

Fabrics are like paper, very collectables. Pretty colours, trends and colour combinations make the difference between a plain project or a stunning one.

Here is another version on the same theme.

Both are an afternoon project for anyone with a sewing machine. 

Lovely fabrics and ribbons this is defiantly something I will find time to do.

 A lot of these pillowcase dresses are made out of old charity donations for little girls in third world countries. No fancy fabrics and silky ribbons needed as the practical version which will never see a washing machine, if more the thing. 

So that is my share this Sunday.
Hope you have a fun week ahead.


Fiona said...

these are quite cool!!


BellaDonna said...

These are lovely. And such an inexpensive why to dress your little girl, whilst keeping her in fashion.