SOS Rocky loves Rachel

I know that those close to me know all about Rocky loves Rosie

But it's time to tell the world about Rachel's creations.

Almost a year ago my love of Amigurimi was highlighted by Tabby craft Designs over on FB. 

My desire to own one was downed by supply and demand. I had more chance winning the lottery than getting one of Tabbys pretty pastel creations. 

It was only the generosity of Elaine Livesey which made me mama to an original.❤️

But one day Rachel came into the store to show me what she had made, like my opinion was required! 
 these were super cute and nothing like I had seen before. Once she was satisfied that these were " good enough" she was happy to take it further . I asked Rachel to partake in our pop up shop last summer, giving her the opportunity   to selling her makes to the public. These made a great display but we did not want them played with and I could not take any home for the risk of spoiling our display in store. 

I recieved a lot of support with the pop up store and a few dear customers/ friends came to visit and listened to me tell the story of these crochet creatures. Thank you lovely people .

I passed it forward, and sent one to Elaine, it's hard to find a gift like that for the woman who has a heart of gold, spoils everyone else and had far too much shopaholic tendencies. 
 One also to Kate In the store as a birthday pressie, but I spent so much time spreading the love that they were sold out before I knew it. The order book was growing and there were none left.

Bingo, back to supply and demand. I have now got my name on the waiting list , twice, but it long! 

So emagine  my surprise when a parcel arrive in the House of Sugar with a sweet rabbit from Rocky Loves Rosie.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm keeping this one all to myself, call me greedy, my kids do.

Pop over to pinterest or Face book and search for Rocky Loves Rosie. You will love it!

She just happened to hitch a ride to Oldmeldrum yesterday and was very much admired.
Thanks again to Rachel @ Rocky loves Rosie.
Have a peaceful Sunday.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Awwww they are adorable, so glad you have one now xx

Fiona said...

fab Karen.

cebelica said...

These are so cute!!!

Elaine said...

Rachel's designs are amazing, and I love all the little extra details on her creations. Mine is adored though Olive has been put away safely ready for my little crafty space being redecorated.
I am not so much of a shopaholic these days! My wages are paying to keep Hal at Uni (I curse the day his tutor told him to apply to London! His tutor doesn't have to pay the very overpriced rental fees!)
So sweet of Rachel to send you your own little bunny...what goes around comes around ♥

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Shazza said...

adorable!! I love these little creatures, perhaps one day I too will own one x