Thursdays thoughts

The sun is shinning again today, what a difference it makes to everything.

I have a day at home, where it will attempt catching up with chores and even some ironing just to clear away the laundry.
I have some old furniture to load onto a wood pile that will turn into a bonfire soon.

Once I get my car back, hubby has taken it to town to a meeting or two, I might make a trip into the re cycling plant for a rake about as craft folks do. I am on the look out for cut glass vases and bowls....mmmmmm . There is yet another project in the planning.

First to answer a couple of questions left by our readers.

Mary, the link to the box frame was before the picture, that's all I got. I think that a score board is a must and a little maths to achieve the size you are aiming for.

Pay pal is working on etsy! And a big that you to our first customers. It's the little thing that make me happy.

You might well be scanners with all my waffling but be patient there is new blood coming on to the DT next week!

Mina has some time off to recover from a visit to the hospital, we all wish her a speedy recovery and hope she's relaxing with a good book, somewhere in the sun shine.

Leaving just two to soldier on, but wait, how's joining in next week?

I expect it's time to do a DT call, I had better start writing up a list of who I am looking for. I will save that for another day.

I am teaching in  Oldmeldrum this weekend, full classes I believe.

 And Sunday bring Mother's Day here in the UK.
I lost my own Mother earlier this year but I am still Mother to four. I wonder what my darling have planned. If it's anything like birthday in this house, it might even pass without a word.

Keep busy and sit a while in the sunshine, recharge your batteries.

A question before you go.......

silicon stamps

I have found a lovely range of stamps but was very suspicious because of the price. There are more and more cheaper than rubber stamps coming on to the market and the lover price is because they are made of silicon not photopolymer.

Have you any experience with this type of stamp?

Do they ink up and produce a sharp image.

Please let me know as it's this issue which is holding me back from bringing them to you all.
The artwork is super cute, you will love them.

Catch you again soon



Julye said...

Hi I love my rubber but have some silicon polymer stamps. T5hey do ink up ok and produce an acceptable image but find that inks like stazon stain them, promarkers permanently colour them and when cleaned with baby wipes or even soap and water they can start to feel a bit tacky with time. I also find if I leave them on my desk they can start to feel tacky and become very pliable if the sun warms the room which can make them hard to remove from their store sheet or block and I've even had one tear.
Rubber may be a wee bit more expensive but its definitely better quality and I know I should put my stamps away but sometimes I like to sneak in 5 minutes crafting and they get left out.
It really depends on how much you want to use your stamps and how long you want them to last. Hope this helps but its only my opinion I'm sure you'll have others that think differently.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I know exactly who you are looking for, ME! I would absolutely love to join the DT, it has always been my dream to join this or The Sugar Bowl or both. I will be keeping my eyes peeled.

Never tried a silicon stamp to my knowledge but sound interesting.

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day, you deserve it with four children.

I am missing Mina's lovely work, know she is recovering at the moment, hope she is soon fit and well. If you do need something to pop on here you are welcome to show my Christmas Garland card I put on the FB group xx

susiestacey said...

Looking forward to new stamps :) x Susan x

Gail Mands said...

I agree with most of what julye said, sometimes the image isn't quite as crisp and it's easy to press too hard and get a blurred image. Rubber is a bit dearer but better quality and if I'm making a particularly special card it's always a rubber stamp I go to first (always a Sugar Nellie of course!). That said, cost is an issue when there are so many lovely things for us crafter's to spend our pennies on! If you want to give it a try I'm always happy to be a tester if you want ;-) Gail x