Rabbits everywhere!

Hello lovely readers, hope you are all in good form today!

Schools are out for two weeks here in Scotland but a day trip away with friends to landmark left me on my own and back at work.

Yesterday I had a vist from Rachel at Rockie Loves Rosie who had a twin delivery for me but those are a secret.sssshhhh

Today was the turn of Janice, who used yo be local then moved down South. 
Janice knits and was on holiday back here when she turned up at the house of sugar with a box of Easter goodies! 

A box of naked bunnies! 😍
Can you tell I'm excited!

Two extra dressed up bunnies found their way into the box, it would have been a shame to send those two back to England by themselfs.

The last box of bunnies were all dressed and that was a few years ago now, but these are shivering in the cold NE winds, praying that I get on with the job and use some of my precious fabric stash to dress them up.

I have taken them home, (along with a fair collection of hand made lovelies which adorn my office.)
Next step is choosing the fabric, then the buttons, lace ribbon etc.

What am I going to do with them I hear you ask...... I ask myself the same question.
Remember Sindy?
Or were you a barbie girl?
A little dressing up is good fun.
That is the plan.

How's your plans coming on?
What's on you "to do list"?

Take care


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I was a Sindy girl, loved her and loved my dress up doll books too. These are so cute

BellaDonna said...

It was Sindy all the way for me.
She was the 'Good Girl next door', loool.
Can't wait to see how you dress these lil cutie pies.

Cass said...

ooooo those are lovely Karen.Can't wait to see them dressed up.I was more a Barbie girl but I did have both.Today is a crafty day in the cabin xx

Sue said...

Awwwwww totally adorable bunnies. I hope we get to see some photos of them when they are dressed up!
Sue xx