Vintage finds

Hello lovely reader, thank you for all your lovely comments on my junkin.
Still on the same theme today as I continue to be infected with this hoarding tendencies.

I saw these

Over on a favourite blog of mine. ( docrafts do packets of tiny spools perfect for this project)

Just love living my live via these American vintage/ junk/ up cycled sites.

I am waiting for word on a storage unit I asked to rent, but nothing is quiet straight forward.
No 1 unit is a new build in an industrial site off thee main road in this area.
No 2 unit is down by the harbour in a quaint seaside town.

Which one too choose.
No 2 is available right now, building on the new one keeps on putting the completion date back.

Which ever unit I choose it will firstly be for storage. Having too much stuff and businesses that are bursting at the seams means I have no problem making clean fresh space by hiding stuff in storage.

But, my mind also thinks that I could use it for other things in the future.( sometimes I wish the voices would keep their ideas to themselves)

If I am able to use it as a painting workshop that may run classes with all the lovely chalky paints we have in the store.

It could grow arms and legs and offer workshop space to maybe a wood  turner which could work well with someone re selling vintage furniture, even if it was online or maybe open just on a weekend.

I could move funkykits to the unit and free up more space in the Elgin shop. Oh the possibilities! One of my biggest problems in life is getting carried away with my ideas, remembering that what I see on the Internet/ pinterest might be hugely popular and trending, BUT this does not say that the locals would appreciate my crazy ideas?
All I do know is that as long as I watch the pennies, it's a lot of fun and makes me happy.
If I could only find the time and energy to do everything ! Finish anything at all!

I'll keep you informed but one things for sure, I ain't content, always fidgeting to do some else.

Take care

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Marianne's Craftroom said...

Good luck with whatever you decide. I love the hanging thingies, has got me thinking of ideas with spools and reels thanks