SOS - Junkie

Good morning readers, happy Sunday to you all.

Today I confess to being a junkie.

I love junkin so there for I must be a junkie.
Addicted to collecting junk.

I had a day out yesterday for that purpose only, I drove around  lots of villages in our county in the search of some man's junk that could maybe, with a little love and work, be my own treasure.

Funny enough it was my first stop that gave me the biggest hit, after that there was very little.
I would not call the places I visit antique shops, because that infers high price tickets. I would be happier with the prices of a charity shop or a boot sale but as those venues don't usually deal much in my kind of junk, it's the recycling centres, house clearance sales and second hand furniture venues that prove best for me.
Blame pinterest, the west coast of America, with all the sunshine for out door activities, holds many many vintage junk sales. But it's a little to far for me and the luggage allowance on flights is nothing at all. I will have to settle for what I can find locally.

What did I buy. Well here is my haul.

3 coffee tables at £5
Suitcases £5 & £3
All three drawers for £5
And the wicker picnic basket, lined but empty for £5
Your guess that if the sales woman could sell it for the magic number 5 than it was sold.
I also purchased a old hand mixer, I have had a few in my time but nothing works faster than this, forget those ballon whisk!

Cut glass, I have been collecting these for the last few weeks, 50p - 1.75.

Now we wait for the new range of chalky paints to arrive in the store so that we can play.
Up cycling is on the UP! I felt this last year and wanted Annie Sloan paints for the pop up shop but I could not agree to her terms, one full time trained employee in each out let, sorry can't afford extra staff just to sell paint!
In Frankfurt at the trade show there were several companies selling chalk paint, as per everything that becomes fashionable or on trend, others follow. The choice is growing and the price is coming down, I just needed to figure which was best value for money and stock as many pretty colours as I have room for. Making space this week.

Time to hide all these goodies from hubby, it's a blue skies and sunshine kind of day, yesterday was very windy but it's calmer out here this morning. I might open up the caravan and see what other junk I have hidden in there that I have forgotten about.

Take care and have a peaceful Sunday.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I would love an old brown suitcase, love your junk and hope you will show us what you do with it all. We are currently collecting retro stuff for our conservatory, got an old brownie camera on eBay for £2 plus postage, hubby saw one for sale in a shop for £25 and it was cracked.

Cass said...

Some great buys there Karen.I've got a few old suitcases like that in the loft with my dolls in them. xx

Ann said...

I have been using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint this weekend and boy am I struggling Im still not sure if I like the effect and although she says that it dries in 20 minutes mine didnt. I could smell it too and made be feel quweezy.

Amandah said...

Now that's what I call bargain hunters.
My friend has a beautiful up scaling Co called Absolutely Shabbyless, you can find her on Facebook. She does some really great transformations!!