Soft Centres

In keeping with the sweetie (candy) theme, the next home grown range will be called
Soft Centres, I am hoping that we can bring these to GLASGOW along with the new ELISABETH BELL stamps.

But we are working against the clock again to have it all done within two weeks is pushing it. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. More rubber arrived in the House of Sugar this week and the sugar slaves have been busy packing so that we can re stock FUNKYKITS and to get ourselves ready for the show. We will be taking all the fantastic samples from Tiets and Marlene for our displays.

Marlene, a little get well wish, hope your feel better and that all the bugs are gone by your birthday, save some cake for us :)


Macpurp said...

can't wait to see the next soft centres range!
good luck with Glasgow xx

Alison said...

OMG I'm so excited!!! I love having a sweet tooth :) Counting the days now.

Donalda's Blog said...

Oh I so wish I could go !!!!!!! Sounds like a fab time. Man I need some OT with all the new stamps coming out. I can't wait!!!!!

Cathy said...

OMG!! I can't wait to see the soft centres range - wish I could get to Glasgow - will just have to keep watching my email.
Godd luck with Glasgow,
CAthy xx

NGCARDS said...

OOOOhhhhhhhhhh new rubber!!!!! So excited!!! xxx

Tiets said...

oooo myyyyy pffff exciting!!!! they will bee gorgeous as always!
Hugs Tiets xxx

Fiona said...

really looking forward to Glasgow and all these new stamps ...mmmm soft centres yum!

Lim said...

I can't wait either to see the new soft centres range. :))