A three way split

A;Karen ; http://www.karenscards.blogspot.com/
B:Quixotic; http://www.quixoticcards.blogspot.com/
A;Gayle: http://www.littlebirddesign.blogspot.com/
B:Miranda : http://mirandasscrapcards.blogspot.com/
C:Martine; http://thecrafttable.blogspot.com/
A;Dawn; http://allpinkgirl.blogspot.com/
B;Ethel http://thepaperquilter.blogspot.com/
C;Lilian; http://www.colortopaper.blogspot.com/
A;Vicky; http://cuddlycards.blogspot.com/
B;Deb; http://countrylovincardmaker.blogspot.com/
C:Leann; http://leanns-ramblings.blogspot.com/
C;Sylvia; http://sylviastamps.blogspot.com/
B:Madge; http://madgesty-lovetocreate.blogspot.com/
C:Neeta: http://papirrommet.blogspot.com/
A;Sarah; http://sparklecards.blogspot.com/

Group A will be receiving a sweet pink packet of a mix of soft centres and Elisabeth's stamps by the end of this next week, before they are available for sale at http://www.funkykits.co.uk/
Gayle and Karen can collect in person :)

Group B will be having these pink packets before the end of the year and Group C early in the new year.
There are a lot of new ideas on the drawing board and a few contract to sign. So trust me girls it will be worth it.


All Pink girl said...

Wow how exciting it feels like christmas has come early xxxx
will there be information in the kits to let use know how many cards we have to make ,hugs Dawnxxx

leann said...

Thanks, it'll be be like Christmas all over again for me!

Vicky said...

Oooh I'm so excited. Can't wait for them to arrive and have a play. I've not been on a DT before so I'm hoping I'll get some hints & tips of what we should be doing and by when!
Hugs, Vicky x

Gayle said...

OMG....you mean I get them in my grubby little hands next Thursday??? I seriously can't wait, babysitter booked, playlist for ipod all sorted! I have a child, I don't get out much these days!!!
Gayle x

Lim said...

Wow.. That's great. Congratulations to the all new DT :)
This is a super great opportunity

Martine said...

oooo goody how exciting, i cant wait :)


Lilian said...

Oh boy! I can't wait till the new stamps arrive. :) I'm feeling the same as Vicky as I'v never been on any DT or anything so I am so looking forward to the hints and tips and any help we can get. Thank you again! :)

Sarah said...

Ooh how lovely can't wait!

Sarah x

Deb said...

I am just back from my jollies and so thrilled to be chosen as a guest DT, love all the new designs, can't wait till it is my turn!