Whats in a name

There is a lot in a name { the boy named Sue comes to mind} and as I struggle to give the new animals real Scottish names I am going to change Heathers name, just because we have a lot of Heathers following this blog and I would not like to upset anyone. So fingers crossed that none on you are called Custard, yes I know its not Scottish but I gave up with the cow, unless I get a better idea or someone leaves me a better idea, she will be called Custard.
Now I also have a lion, mouse, bear, rabbit and pig to name....any ideas.

Happy Birthday wishes to Eva who will be having a lovely day with her boys and maybe a little cake too.


Babz said...

What about Daisy or Bella for the cow? Babz :)

Gayle said...

My grandpa had a farm near Auchterarder when I was wee...my pet coo was called daisy dolly, and I loved her to bits!!! Will get my thinking cap on about the others..
Gayle x

Pink Sunshine said...

These new images look amazing cant wait to see the rest - I'm sure my bank balance can tough lol.
How hard must it be to name all these little babies???
Well here are my quick thought names:
Daisy the cat.
Honky the pig.
Big Ears (in the nicest cutest possible way) for the rabbit. Joshua the lion.
Dizzy the mouse, and Baggsie bear.

So predictable some of these, but thought it was a giggle!
All the best choosing so many names.
Sally. x

Gill said...

Hi, beautiful new stamps, can't wait to see the others, I have a few suggestions for a name
Lion- Regan (regal)
Rabbit- Dana (goodess of fertility)
Bear- Donovan (warrior)
Mouse- Vaughn (small)
Pig- Cinnia (beauty) or Penelope, just because I like 'penelope pig'
I don't know whether they are male or female, so these names might not fit! but I wanted to join in the fun anyway
lv Gill x

Macpurp said...

how about Crowdie?

Crowdie is a Scottish cream cheese. It is often eaten with oatcakes, and recommended before a ceilidh as it is said to alleviate the effects of whisky-drinking. The texture is soft and crumbly, the taste slightly sour. Like cottage cheese it is very low in fat, being made from skimmed milk.

Stampingcaz said...

harvey the rabbit... apparently after a old film but I would LOVE to have a stamp named Harvey after my son ;0) I know he would be thrilled too as he loves stamping.


Craft Heaven said...

"MacFlumper" for the Rabbit!

Just a thought,
Carol xxx

Alison said...

What about Elgin for one of them.

Lynn (Ellesea) said...

Names that come into my head:
Munroe Mouse, Porridge Pig, Shortbread Bear, Haggis Lion & Tartan Rabbit!

Lynn (Ellesea) said...

For the pretty cow = Cranachan.

Jeanette said...

The new line is adorable. I love the name Custard. My Mum was from Scotland and our desserts often had custard so to me it is Scottish! Of course now that I am trying to think of great names, my mind goes blank! How about Haggis?
Hugs Jeanette

retiredheather said...

Hi from one of the Heathers. I think it was cute to have a cow named the same as me but how about calling the cow BagPipes. That is certainly a Scottish name. Sorry if I spelt it wrong but spelling has never been my strong point. Great images that will be fun to color and use.

Jo said...

You could always call her Kyloe. Scottish people used to call their highland cattle by this name in years gone by..

I love cows... love em... love em.. love em!!Don't really know why my hubbie won't let me have a lickle one.. :(

Alison said...

Oh I can't stop thinking of names now what about Bonnie ( meaning Sweet & Good)

Madge said...

I am so excited at these new stamps, and also my complete luck at being chosen as a guest designer I have done a special thank you card to Sugar Nellie on my blog - excited is not the word. Anyway the tease of things to come and some potential names. Here are some ideas I have :
Bear - Arthur (celtic word for bear)
Mouse - Cheddar (just cos its cute!)
Rabbit - Butterscotch
Pig - Bacon (or is that being cruel!!!)
Lion - Daniel - king of the lions.
I will see if I can think up any more. xxxx

Annelies said...

Maybe you could call the bear: Artair...just found on the internet that thats the scottish name for bear.

Jo said...

Back again...

lion, mouse, bear, rabbit and pig eh??

Regal Reich - celtic for King (lion)or Alvin (also celtic for noble friend)or Blair (from the plain land - lions live onplains..lol)or even Regan (noble)

Guenevere (mouse - white lady - mice are usually white.. lol)or even Gwenny for short..

Lavena (for the rabbit, meaning 'joy;.. who didnt find joy by having a bunny as a child?)

Gitta (for the bear - meaning Strong)

Rosco (for the pig.. I remember someone 'cuddly' called this on the tv when I was younger.. lol)

Brenna (for the pig.. just because I like the name..haha)

Hope this helps x

All Pink girl said...

i have though of some names dont know if you will like them lolxxx
sorry about the spellings though i am dysexic xxx
mouse - Thistle
Rabbit- heather
Lion -harvey /haymish
Bear -whiskey lolxxx
pig - harry
i know sack me lolxxxxx

Debbie said...

I love the name custard for the cow. How about these Lion- Lionel,Mouse-Melvin,Pig-Truffles,Rabbit-Petal, Bear- Blossom or Honey
Hope you like these
Hugs Debbie x

Emily said...

:) my little girl is a Heather! How about Isla the mouse, Roary the lion?

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

I have put my thinking cap on for you and as you wanted real scottish names the following came to mind

cow - Grace - After Grace Darling of the famous lighthouse rescue.

lion (orignally thought of changing the braveheart to this after the carebear cousins)but decided on Charlie after one of the many kings of Scotland and the famous Bonnie Prince Charlie.

mouse - Mary - After Mary Queen of Scots - a traditional Scottish name.

bear - Bobbie - after Robert the Bruce one of Scotlands Greatest Kings. And also Robert Burns - Scotlands undoubted greatest poet.

rabbit - Flora after Flora Macdonald who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape.

pig - Fiona - after Fiona Campbell the leading lady in the famous scottish film Brigadoon.

I hope that these help I know that the stamps may look more male than female, but they could be moved around. Otherwise you could go for clan names that are also first names like Murray, Lewis, Cameron etc.

hugs Vicky x

Anonymous said...

How about Rory (or Ruari) for the Lion and Rabbie for the Rabbit?! :o)

Sorry, wasn't quite as inspired for the others! (I'm sure they're all gorgeous, though!)


Martine said...

i like the name custard :), even though its not scottish :), oh i cant wait to see the rest of the gang, as for names how about

Lion - Zak

Mouse - Archie

Bear - Harrison

Rabbit - Grace

Pig - Eleanor

i got all these names from looking at a Scottish names site :D, you should try it if you don't like these names :), here's the link


Fe-Fe said...

Lenny or Lilly Lion?
Matilda or Mortimer Mouse?
Bertie or Belinda Bear?
Ruby or Ronald Rabbit?
Percy or Petunia Pig?

Fe x

TwinTrouble said...

Have you thought about DaisyBell for the cow!

Robbie Rabbit,
Wallace The Grizzly Bear,
Penelope Pig
Leo Lion (Original I know but I like it:lol:)
Mousketeer for the mouse

Absolutely loving the really cute animals :)

Taniaj said...

After asking the family this is what we have come up with, I like 'Coo' for the cow but DH likes Cuddy.For the Lion we like 'Mac Tavish' for the mouse 'Wee-One' for the bear Stuart or Busby, for the rabbit 'Neeps' and lastly for the pig I did think Sassenach (by the way i am from Yorkshire but have Scott as a surname !!!!!!)but then thought that might be a bit stong so how about Trotter. Tx good luck with the christenings surname!!!!!!!!

leann said...

Love everyone's suggestions, I've had such a giggle reading them all!

Not much point me suggesting anything, we once had a dog called Bark cos that's what he did... ;)

Gill said...

Hi, me again, we've thought of a few more but couldn't decide which animal to attach them to, so here are the suggestions
Arran, Pringle, Argyle, Dumplin', Dirk, we've had neeps so why not Tattie and a random one...Florence!
thanks, this is so much fun!!
lv Gill x

Gill said...

Sorry, forgot about Stovie
lv Gill x

CrazyCards said...

Lion- Lir
Rabbit- Roisin
Bear- Boru or Balor
Mouse- Maeve
Pig- Peadar

These are the names that sounds irish to a Dutchie. Some of them I know from Irish Legends, other I know from reading books about Ireland.

Becky said...

Has anyone suggested Morag yet? I just love that name!!
Love Becky xx

Fiona said...

wot about Haggis, Wallace, Rabbie and Numpty The last one being a good scottish name I often call my DH!

Bubbles said...

Can't wait to see these! I've been on a scottish names website and come up with these:

Bear - Brian or Brianag = stength
Bonnie = pretty, fine
Lion - Lachlan = land of lochs/viking
Mouse - Maon = hero
Morag if a girl
or for fun Mckilty!
Rabbit - Rory = red king
Rhianna if a girl
Pig - couldn't find any P's so Penelope or Percy

Any good?
Joanne x

P.S. Happy birthday Eva.

Gayle said...

I have to say after reading all of these suggestions...Crowdie the cow is my favourite (I love cheese) and Roary the Lion is great too...
You have a great but very difficult job!!!
Gayle x

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Hmmm, how about Percy McPig, and Bertie Bear, Ruby Rabbit, Lord Lucan the Lion and McCartney Mouse.... dont know why, just came to mind... lol

Shazza said...

great name :0)
the new images look great, can't wiat to get my paws on them

Pink Sunshine said...

They are all soooooooo gorgous, another v talented lady.
Loving the lion, and the pig as well he is so cute, in fact love them all.
The lion reminds me of my Mums cat Amos!!!
Sally. x

Allison said...

coming from scotland I must be able to suggest something!
what about Hamish or McTavish, Morag,Andrew,Mungo(he was the oatron saint and founder of Glasgow),Fergus- are these any help
or you could name them after Scottish places or castles!