Look where Annie is.......

Today I work from home, and on my travels around the web, looking for whats new at CHA, no I did not get this time :( but I will in the summer. :)

Looking for whats new, whats hot, what's not and a general nose about all the blogs of those who did get to go.

A web site I have come across before is Craft Critique, here they have a lot of links to new lines, and was I surprised to scroll down and see Annie, OMG that one of our stamps ! I was so pleased to see it I had to share with you, you have to read down half way but do read the rest as there are some great links too.

So on I go in search on new stash, really looking forward to seeing some new cuttlebug embossing folders.....................


Julie Campbell said...

:) Yeah! That was my latest article. I LOVE your images!!!

Lim said...

Oh wow!! I read the article.. That's so cool to see one of your stamps there!! Thank for sharing with us. You are always looking for the best illustrators to bring us the BEST stamps!!! a BIG THANK YOU!!!
Hugs from Miami,

LIM :))

I hope to meet you in July.

Gayle said...

Hi Boss..
It makes me chuckle, the way you are so shocked and stunned that we love your little babies!
Who couldn't love them???
G x

p.s That Burs poem was reekin!