Robbie Burns

Tonight I am off out to a burns supper in the village hall. At this time of year all over Scotland people eat haggis and men ware kilts. Poems are read and stories told, drams are drunk and so are the men by the end of the night.
Robbie Burns is Scotland's national poet, not a nice man by all accounts, a ladies man he was but also a man of many words. In fact all men who like the ladies usually are good with words its the only way they get themselves in and out of difficult situations right?

So here is Hamish in his kilt, Gayle made this card for the last Sugar Bowl challenge. They had an amazing amount of stampers take part in the last challenge, well done to Wilma who was sent her prize today. Challenge number 2 is up and there are 3 prizes this time as there are so many entries. Pop over and give it a try the prizes are ever so sweet :)


Gayle said...

"at this time of year....drams are drunk and so are men!"
What only at this time of year? Maybe I should move 'up North'!
Ah, but we all love a man in a kilt, especially my darling Hamish!
Have a lovely time and have a Glayva (my dram of choice) for me!
I hope you don't have a 'big heid' in the morning!
Gayle x

neeta said...

Very pretty card!:) I didn't make the first Sugar bowl challenge, but hopefully I'll make the second one;)

Have a nice weekend!

Hugs, Anita

MicheleP said...

enjoy your hagis and neeps ;) I love that card.

Jeanette said...

Have a good time. I thought Burn's Day was January 25th. I have visited Burn's Cottage and I have a wee book of his poems that my Gran gave me. I can't make out half of it! Hugs Jeanette

Donalda said...

Am working on my challenge as we speak dear. Aside from the having to help with the frozen pipes I have here.
You have a great time sounds like fun, Stay warm I hope for it is below 0 here dear

Anonymous said...

I love what you wrote on this post. HILARIOUS!! Its just like here in America. There are many who, shall I say, over indulge in drinking. :) Have a wonderful day!!