Who lives in a house like this?

Who lives in a house like this, maybe not this one but one similar?
This is will be where the Sugar Babes meet for one week this summer. One week of pure craft heaven, shopping, chatting, classes and a few days at CHA Orlando!
The plan is to spent some time at the show, see the trends, meet a few people and just enjoy the whole experience, and the best bit..................... with fellow crafters :)

No children, no DH,

No "have you not seen enough craft shops"

No "how much longer with you be"................................fantastic.

There is no Scrap a Ganza this year and for me this will be a nice change.

First stop Publics for fried chicken and cup cakes, my favourites.

Our luxury villa, we will all have a room each with plenty space to chill.

A nice people carrier with sat nav for all those days out shopping and the bags that go with it.

We have so many things to plan.

So Marlen and Tiets, as part of our valued and loyal DT , you are both invited.

Gayle, as a thank you for all your work on the Sugar Bowl, we want you to come too.

Tracy and Erika over at Funkykits have already been invited and there is a couple of more beds that are already taken. Yes the house will be big enough.

So girls, what do you say, you want to come on the craft holiday of the year?

ALL you have to do is get yourself there, one flight, everything else is taken care of. Last week of July...................are you free?
ETA: WOW it seams you all want to come, I only wish I could afford to take you all as the support we have had from you is amazing, but this trip is for the girls named above as our way of thanking them for being part of our team, as I have quoted before, what goes around comes around and in this instance its my turn to show them how much we appreciate their work and commitment to this small stamp company.
But not to disappoint you all, someone has approached me about a craft holiday in the Med ;)


Marlene said...

I can't believe my eyes, ears and everything else!!!!!
Just try stopping me coming with you guys *Ü*
OMG this is just the bestest, bestest news eva!!!

Hugs and hugs,
Marlene xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh man... I can hear everyone whooping now..that looks amazing!!!
Sunshine sunshine sunshine!!!!
Wish I had enough pennies to come!!
Judy x

Sugar Mama said...

I've just spat my lunch all ove the 'puter!
I don't think I can breathe!
Somebody phone a Dr!!!

Jeannette said...

I'm free and if I'm not I'll make myself free. I would love to be there. I've been looking for an excuse to go to the States for ages and I think this is it!

Karen said...

I would love to go, but I am going to New York for Bob's son's wedding the following week so can't quite see him agreeing to this trip. Perhaps next year??

I am sure I will enjoy the Wedding, but I know which I would prefer - the weather in Orlando at that time of the year would be much more bearable that New York - I can feel the humidity and the lack of air as I type this.

What a fab time you will all have.

Karen (a very jealous Karen)

Lim said...

OMG!!! I can't believe this! I HAVE to go I will have to go plans for that week..WOw... I live in Miami, so is really close to Orlando..:))

Wow!!! What a great news!!!


Anki said...

Those lucky ladies...sigh.....wow.... Have fun! I guess you are all longing for July already ;-) Kram - Anki

Macpurp said...

have a fab time!!!


Ria said...

OMG You girls are sooo extremly lucky!!!

hugs Ria
who crawls back under her desk looking green of jealousy ;) LOL

Tiets said...

wowwwwwww my gosh this is some great news!!! And I would love to go but all my money is going to our children who will go to the university in september!!OOOo If I could I would this is sooooooo whooooooohoooo!
Hugs Tiets

Sarah said...

Oh wow, how perfect would that be, so wish I had the money and the time to come. Hope you all have a fantastic time, I'm not jealous, honest :(

joey said...

oooooh have a fabulous time!.x

Debsg said...

Wow! That sounds idyllic. I love crafting, I love the USA, I love that house and I adore Publix and Sugar Nellies!

Julie said...

Is this for real? I would desperately love to come. I wonder how long it would take to drive from Colorado to Orlando. We have a close friend that lives nearby, and our daughters are best friends. Maybe I can convince my DH that this is the perfect opportunity to drop her off for a week. Let me see what I can work out...

Is there a limit on how many can attend? I fear that house may not fit 200+ women.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh wow, sounds like that will be such brilliant fun. You all have a wonderful time :) Kim

Sarah said...

OMG I'm sooo jealous!!! Sounds like you guys will have the trip of a lifetime! I'd love to go, I've gone a funny shade of green right now!

Sarah x

retiredheather said...

Yes I am free and yes I would love to go. To imagine the fun and joy of meeting and creating and shopping with you all is, well it is absolutely fantastic! Remember my name...I want to be your new housemate.

craftyb said...

What a wonderful opportunity for you all girls...I am only slightly envious...ok maybe a little more than slightly!!

And that's certainly the way to go girls - IN STYLE!!

Enjoy it all! bx

Alison said...

Would love to come but I'm saving my pennies for the Gorjuss girls :) :(

Taavjax said...

That is so generous of you to do that! Congrats to the lucky ladies -each one of you deserves a break for all the hardwork last year! Do take lots of pictures I mean LOTS!
i couldn't go even if I wanted too -for three reasons .I have two kids ,daddy couldn't cope alone.I have a broken ankle (don't ask) and yes I am saving my dosh for my new stamps *coughs* any time now eh?
have fun you lot!!

Kay said...

Hey! I only live about two hours away. I can't join you for the whole time, but I would love to meet up with you maybe one evening for dinner? I'm a poor lonely exiled Scot..... take pity on me!!

Lilian said...

Have a lovely time ladies!!! Keep us posted will ya? :)

craftyb said...

Woohoo - so dreams do come true!! bx

BallooBear said...

Ohhhh you girls are so lucky...congratulations... you know if any one drops out I'm always free and willing and desperate to go...I am turning green as I wirte this....

Have fun

Jo X

All Pink girl said...

O MG what a fabulous holiday ,we would all love to come with you ,hope you all have a fabulous time (v jelous) lolxxxxhugs Dawnxx

Bethanne said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful time! What could be better than crafting, shopping, and hanging out with fantastic ladies...in Florida! Have fun, everyone, and have some Publix fried chicken and cupcakes for me...I grew up in Florida and I miss my Publix! XO

MicheleP said...

Wow! How wonderful....enjoy!

Shazza said...

WOW how fantastic. I hope you all have a fab time