Wednesday Wonderings

Wondering what will happen next in the House of Sugar. We have made the decision not to tease you so much with new release, wait until we have them before promoting them and to choose a date in the month when we can release them all, well most of them :)

This way we can plan a little bit better, be more organised, get stamps to our DT before anyone else, and generally try to be in more control of things.

As I have said before, I cant keep anything to myself, I feel the need to tell you a soon as I know and crafters cant wait, nor can I ! Things in business sometime take so long, that I feel that sometime I disappoint you through no fault of my own, other that speaking too soon.

I wonder if I can be more organized?
I wonder if we can think ahead a little more and plan things better?
I wonder if I really can keep exciting news to myself?
I wonder if I will ever have time to make cards again?

There is no doubt that Sugar Nellie is growing fast, and with that comes growing pains. Little things that catch us off guard, like it takes 2/3 weeks for more packaging to arrive. Time off because life happens. We wait longer sometime for rubber than we do the next time. Life in the House of Sugar is not boring, not predictable and always busy.

Another thing we fail at due to lack of time is answering emails, its always last on our list of things to do and if time runs out it does not get looked at. My apologies to all the lovely ladies who email to tell us they love our stamps, you are the important email that do need an answer. Your support is very important to us and keeps us looking for more, better and exciting new designs.

So off I go for another day down the sugar mines, today there is a very large box of rubber sitting waiting to be cut up.( sssshhhhhh don't tell which new stamps these are)


Alison said...

I can smell the rubber from here woohoo hope its Gorjuss :) Have a lovely day.

FionaJ said...

mmmmmm more rubber yippee, could these be the new Elisabeth Belle ones perphaps.

Stampingcaz said...

What are you like Karen?? LOL I cant keep rubbery secrets either... well actually thats a lie as I do have one untold one... cant wait to see who is coming next. I am waiting for goruss (arent we all) and Leanne Ellis too



Now then, i thought you said you weren't going to tease anymore? so what are the stamps awaiting cutting???!?!!? could they be the gorjuss???? now you have me all in a tis!! i really must get myself a life!!! big hugs Linda x

weewiccababe said...

mmmm I'm hoping its the Elisabeth Bell's !!

I bet you're so busy since the USA joined your customer base through SCS.

just keep doing what you're doing, and we'll keep buying

Charlie said...

OH exciting - could it be.... FINGERS CROSSED it might be.... WIll check back and see later.

Anne said...

Sounds like you've got some tough resolutions to live up to there :). Really, can't wait for the Gorjuss stamps though, they have me all of a quiver with longing!

Donalda said...

You know I think we really do like the teasing!!!!! Gives us something to look forward too. Ready for the rubbar that is for sure. Just glad I am not waiting on any rubba her at home right now for we have so much snow no one can do nothing!!!!!!! lol

Elaine M said...

I was wondering if you have background stamps - like a kitchen, living room, garden setting - to place the lovely Sugar Nellie's in.
Elaine Moore