Fan Fiction

I did not even know there was such a thing, after reading all 4 Twilight books again and again, I watched the DVD too many times, I was lost, what was I to do until New Moon comes out in November?!

Fan Fiction..................there is a lot of it out there, some better than others and trust me I have read a lot if it. But for me, the nearest to SM style and the story in general is this writer and you don't have to wait, its all online now and free to read, as long as all you house work is done and the family are fed :)
Don't you just love this new stamps from Mary, I wonder what this girl is reading?
Top Tip Today.............go back to yesterdays comments and catch the links to YouTube videos.
I am thinking more and more about colouring mediums and hope to bring something new back from CHA . Still my favourite is Prisma pencils but they are hard to find in the UK.
take care


kuya said...

Fanfiction... yeah, I've known this since my Sailor Moon time, which was about 12 years ago *lol*.
But it seemingly already exists since the orignal Star Wars series. Back then they mostly published their work in fan zines and such, with no internet yet.

I've even written my own share of it, but not in the Twilight fandom, which is so not my cup of tea and mostly in German. There is a lot of good stuff out there, some amazing authors, but sadly even more bad stuff, it still amazes me for example what some "fans" do to the Harry Potter fandom. That is some really, really twisted sh*** *lol*

But never mind, I LOVE this stamp. It's so cute.

Anne said...

Fabulous stamp. this one's on my list :)

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Oh fan fiction can be hilarious, and sometimes a bit worrying! There is some highly questionable Harry Potter fan fiction and art out there...

LOVE the new Mary Hall image. Brilliant!

As far as colouring goes, I'm hooked on Copics now. My Prismacolours are sitting sadly neglected!

ros said...

another beautiful stamp. loving these ones and cant wait for the release...better warm up the credit card

Kr├╝mel said...

I could use this stamp instead of a photo of mine - you see myself like this so often... I rather read a book instead of wasting my time with crazy or bad TV shows. This will be a must have!
I agree with you about the Prisma Colors - love them! Have ordered mine from the States also. Now I found out, that "Polychromos" by Faber Castell are the same and work wonderful. Maybe these would be easier to get for you.
Have a great day!
Kathrin aka Kruemel

Nunt said...

Oh she is supercute! And she has a cat too... I love cats and cats in stamps is double fun!


Tiets said...

Great stamp, I don't have the time to sit so relaxed and read a book but the stamps is wowwww
Hugs tiets

weewiccababe said...

will have to have a look at that fan fiction, still haven't managed to read midnight sun - would be so much easier if i could print it off

love that image, would be a dream to colour

Kimmi said...

Hi there-

I dunno if you know, but just to get you through til New Moon (or the next few days, Stephanie Meyers has placed the leaked 260 odd pages of Twilight in Edwards version.

I'l have a look for the link and be back soon. I dont think she will ever finish it, but it can leave us pondering. Its nice to see inside his head as we've mostly been in Bellas or Jacobs.


Kimmi said...

Hi - didn't take me long
I'l leave the link at the bottom :D
Have fun, I'm up to page 26 already.

Kim :o)

Mightnight Sun: Edwards version of Twilight

pinky said...

This is one great and useful stamp! Ideal for a lot of young ladies!

Jacilynn said...

Have you read the version of Twilight from Edward perspective? It' on Stephanie Meyer's website. It was illegally posted on the web and so she decided to post on her site for everyone. It's really good. and quenches that need for more!

Rieni said...

and another beutiful stamp. Can't wait to see more

V said...

Okay, this one is going straight to the top of my "must have" list. She's great! I've been an avid reader for years and have spent many an hour just like that, totally engrossed in a book.


scrappyjan said...

Love the stamp! I too spend hours just like that stamp. I love to read and I love Twight also. :o) janny

craftyb said... do you all find the time craft and read and have family life and everything else...when do you SLEEP?!! lol \

I'm really interested in your search for new colouring mediums...this past while back I've been thinking of investing in the prismacolors...I wonder if thats what you're thinking of looking for or if its something else...! bx

Andie's Space said...

Love the stamp. I am in a book club so it would be suitable for at least 20 people I know! It used to be me too, but now I have to fit my reading in around card making! Perhaps Mary could do one of a girl hunched over her crafting table, lost in her creativity, with a big bar of chocolate by her side, LOL! Will definitely be needing this new stamp, how soon to the release?
Andie xx

having a {me} day said...

Oh I love this stamp. Very cosy. Definitely a 'gotta have' :-)))

Debbie said...

Ah another person with OCD - Obsessive Cullen Disorder - I cannot get enough of Twilight! I so need New Moon to be released...

Just bought some Sugar Nellie stamps - my first lot - cannot wait for them to arrive!