A ray of sunshine :)

Good morning sugar babes, well all is not quite ready, but we have had a few problems along the way. Maya in Norway did not recieve her stamp, the postal system is a funny thing.

Again a huge thank you to these girls for joining in, please feel free to leave a comment on their blogs as I will be giving away spot prizes :)

Diane, your artwork makes me smile, a whimsical ray of sunshine, so cute I love them, but you know that or I would not have made them into stamps so that all the sugar addicts could create beautiful things with them.

I know that they apprectiate that you too chose to work with us in bringing your characters to the world of ink. ( Today there are a few flowers growing at the side of that road of yours ;))

Its with great pleasure and excitment that I launch the first DudaDaze collection of rubber stamps.

SO put on your trainers and lets hop.............skip................and jump




































Littlebear said...

Way, hay, here we go!
Clare x

FionaJ said...

I would just like to say thank you again for the chance to take part in launching these fab images, I've really enjoyed playing along with the image I received, and have been on the hop already today and they are all fab, and the girls have sll done you proud for sure.
Thank you again.
Fiona xxxx

Juls said...

I have never done a blog hop before and have had so much fun!! Thank you! Think I may be hopping onto funky kits before the day is out, I have spotted quite a few must haves!!

Crafting Andy said...

Loved the blog hop. These stamps are sooo adorable.

kuya said...

That was so great! I think I've seen them all but one now. So many amazing cards and other projects and the stamps turned out so great!

NormaJean said...

Hi, I went to everyones blog boy the work is just amazing, These stamps are beautiful, and cant wait to order some!!
Hugs Normajean

Liza said...

Great idea to have a blog hop, I'm off to take a peak.

Liza x

ros said...

thanks so much SN and all u awesome ladies that gave us the blog hop tonight. I've sat here with my mouth half open drooling a little and cant wait to get my hands on these gorgeous stamps. well done, u all did and amazing job

Naoual said...

The bloghop was loads of fun!! I loved to see everyones gorgeous creations. The stamps are so versatile and this was such a great way to show us just that!

Have a fabulous weekend,

xx Naoual

Anjou Krelovich said...

Wow! I've tried to leave comments on all the cards and they are all beautiful! Congratulions to Karen and Diane on a wonderful release and special thanks to Karen for the stamp and for letting me be part of this fabulous experience!

Diane Duda said...

Wow! That was fun!!!
Everyone did such a wonderful job and I feel so fortunate to be associated with such a great group of girls.
You all have really brightened my day. :)


Lilian said...

Wow, what can I say.... those ladies made real amazing creations with these new stamps! Great blog hop!!!

Scrap2day said...

Oh I love blog hops..so much fun!\
Thanks for the chance to win one of your amazing new stamps!

Jane said...

Gosh I'm exhausted now LOL! that was great fun Karen,thanks, such gorgeous stamps and all the creations were amazing! Well done to everyone! x

kim-paperbabe said...

Well Karen the blog hop was wonderful and I was so impressed with all the fantastic creations with the Duda Daze stamps, Thanks for inspiring and tempting me LOL!!! HuGs Kim :)

Artyjen said...

Thanks for the blog hop loved it all........there are new blogs to visit on my list now.........I've already ordered the upside down one before I started on the blog hop! Did not want to miss it.....I want that stamp.......I need that stamp :)

Scrapbookdoll said...

I am hopping ;-)

weewiccababe said...

goodness its taken me most of the day to get round them all - but I made it.
I did have to fit in a school review meeting and the housework right enough
all the ladies have done a spectacular job with the new stamps Karen - congratulations on this lovely new set
look forward to seeing them "in the flesh" tomorrow in Alford
take care quine

Pascale said...

Wow thanks for the opportunity to be involved with this blog hop it is awesome, so much talent out there and so many wonderful blogs I had not seen before. I love all the new stamps very original. I want to thank you again, hugs Pascale

katy said...

Hurray...Looking forward to seeing some fabulous cards :)

Kim Dellow said...

That was fun, thank you Karen for letting us take part in both the making and the hoping. Thanks Diane for your lovely creations. I loved all the gorgeous makes everyone did, stunning work. Kim

Jenn Borjeson said...

Thanks so much for letting me participate in this blog hop, I had fun making my own card and visiting everyone else's blogs and seeing what they came up with! :o)

april_sp1 said...

The day is finally here! Thanks again Karen for putting this together! :)

Kr├╝mel said...

Thank you for that fun tour over blog world! Loved what everyone did with your new addition to Sugar Nellie stamps. And let me say that I can´t tell how much I love these. Acutally, after about half the way through the hop I had to stop at Funkykits to place my order...LOL
Kathrin aka Kruemel

Marlene said...

Hey Girls,

That was just the most fun eva!
loved the Blog hop, it was my first one!! [hopefully many more to come]
All the creations are stunning!!!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Marlene xx

Littlebear said...

I've really enjoyed the blog hop today. It was great to visit everyone's blogs and see all the fabulous creations using these amazing stamps. Thank you so much Karen for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this special day.
Clare x

Claire said...

Wow, what great stamps and an amazing selection of cards and other projects!! I've finally made my way round the whole blog hop and there were some really gorgeous things to see. Loving the new stamps - my favourites are Believe and Upside Down - I can feel a shop coming on!! Claire xx

Anonymous said...

loved the blog hop, some really fabulous cards and creations. can't wait to buy some of these 1

JPScraps said...

What a fun hop!! I didn't realize that Diane was from Pittsburgh. I am too!! No wonder I like her designs!

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Great blog hop thanks for in inspiration. HUgs Julie x

helen said...

wow!!! what a tip top blog hop that was, i've had so much fun hopping round all the fabulous blogs looking at all the very differn't, wonderful creations, thank you for such an enjoyable experience and for being allowed to participate and work with such an adorable image,
helen x

V said...

I have hopped and jumped and skipped my way through a wonderful collection of fantastic cards and projects! I'm sure Diane is super thrilled with such an amazing showcase!

Penni said...

I just wanted to thank you for including me in your blog hop and for the beautiful stamp you sent me, I really enjoyed playing with her.

I've hopped around blogland to see everyones creations and have really enjoyed myself.

Again, thank you so much its been fab.


Kimmi said...

Yey - I got round you all! Thank you sooooo much for doing this hop there is just so much versitility to be gained by using these stamps. I can not believe that one (well 8 stamps) can be used so well and everybody's creations were all simply gorgeous! I am really in love with Shaken not kissed... Now, where'd I leave my purse!

Thank you again Karen for organising this Hop. Its been a first for me to do, I got lost in the middle, but found my way again by coming back here!

All the best for the launch, I'm sure they are gonna sell like rockets off a launch pad!


having a {me} day said...

I had a thoroughly enjoyable hop and saw some amazing creations. There is so much awesome talent out there and these stamps are all beautiful. Thanks for the chance to join in. katxx

Anne said...

Well I've just completed the hop, I'm blown away by all the talent out there. Lovely set of stamps and astonishing work, big pat on the back to all those creative gals out there!

joey said...


I throughly enjoyed the blog hop! so many blogs which were new to me, and so much talent not to mention those gorgeous stamps! I have another favourite the little girl cartwheeling so so cute!

Thanks again for letting us be part of this :O)


JPScraps said...

I had a lot of fun with the blog hop today. So many great ideas! Everyone is so talente!!

Vicky said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful journey called 'blog hop' that I've just been on! I have visited some fantastic blogs {some of which I would never have found otherwise} and the new Diane Duda stamps are just fabulous. My absolute favourite has to be believe though. I just love the versatility of this stamp and the kitty is just too cute!
Hugs, Vicky -x-

Sian said...

Wow, that was brilliant. Really enjoyed myself. The talent was amazing and everyone had they own unique style.

Thanks Karen for doing this, this has given me lots of inspiration :)

Martine said...

Just been to all of the blogs and wow, the creations with these adorable stamps are all AMAZING, thanks for such a great blog hop :)



Whimsical Creations said...

These stamps are wonderful! I am loving all of the ideas people came up with and showed us while we blog hopped. I had fun! Thank you for doing this!

Vina said...

Loved checking out the blog hop. It was Marlene's card that made me hop to your store to buy Believe! The new line of Duda stamps are beautiful! Thank you for turning her stunning art into terrific stamps!

Tiets said...

it was great to hop from blog to blog and sea all those fantastic creations made bij de duda stamps!!
Hugs Tiets

Bethanne said...

How fun! And what a wonderful way to see so many amazing creations!!!

Lexi said...

The blog hop was fun! Loved the showcase of talented women with the gorgeous stamps!


Jane said...

Loads of gorgeous creations! Will be buying some stamps as soon as payday comes !!

well done everyone!!

Kat said...

I've just finished the blog hop and I'm exhausted! Fantastic cards, all these girls are very talented. Got my stamp set now so I will have to get to work tomorrow. Best wishes, Kathryn.

Jacilynn said...

gorgeous new image! I think I made it all the way through. super creations

She said...

I really enjoyed taking part in this Blog Hop. I've had some lovely comments - thank you. Just off for a little Blog Hop myself! xxx

Finja said...

thanks for the graet Blog-hop tour... i've looked over all the graet blogs... it was a big pleasure... Hugs Finja

Tracy said...

I have been all the way through and loved it. The images are gorgeous!

K said...

This was a great bloghop!! Bye, Kitty

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Karen for an opportunity to be part of the amazing blog hop,I had so much fun and thank you for the gorgeous stamp! Diane Duda is such an amazing artist and all the stamps are beautiful! I'm impressed with all the creations made for the blog hop and I enjoyed making mine, too.
Thanks again! Well done, this was great!


Machin Stamps said...

Thank-you for the bestest weekend in a long while!
The blog hop was a stunning idea to launch this adorable range and the varied samples achieved with the stamps are truly beautiful and an inspiration.

Well done all you stamp artists who took part!

I ordered my set ordered just about the minute I could, I wasn't gonna wait any longer. They arrived Saturday morning and I love them. I've been having the fantastic time with them, they are so stunning and a really adaptable series of images.

Thanks Funky Kits for bring us yet another original artist's work to play with. And of course thanks to Diane Duda for being brilliant!

SemSee said...

Thank you so much to all the girls who were involved in the blog hop. You did a stellar job, peeps! Really enjoyed looking at all your wonderful creations - they were so inspiring. And those Diane Duda stamps...well, 'must haves' as far as I'm concerned! *grin*

Hugs to everyone! Sem xx