Flower Soft & Sweet Art Ebony

Hello from Glasgow city centre, just a few days away from home to collect Miss Sugar Nellie and take her back to the farm for the summer, back to the House of Sugar to shuffle paperwork and get the books in some sort of order, thee biggest nightmare when running a business!
Stopped in by Millers and found some flower soft, one of our store customers (Rene) recommended we play with it and as I have always thought that some of the Elisabeth Bell Sweet Art Ebony range would suit Flower Soft, I picked up a few tubs for Kate to play with.

Good to hear that some of the lucky blog hoppers have received their new top secret stamps and even had time to play. No hurry girls we have until the 19th as many went to international sugar addicts which takes a little more time for Mr Post Man to deliver. Did I say that there would be prizes given out to those who follow the blog hop?

Tiets received her gift from the House of Sugar, we really do appreciate our DT and as she is not coming to CHA I decided that I should sent her something to make up for not getting on the trip. Enjoy playing Tiets :) Now I just have one more gift to finish, this one is going USA ;)

Enjoy the weekend


joey said...

Hiya, I think you are right some of those stamps would most deffo suit flower soft, I have been differing on whether to get it or not. Have a lovely weekend. Joey.x

ps: have I missed the dt call or has it not been done yet, I know what I am like for missing things by looking in the wrong place,lol.x

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

I got some FlowerSoft recently, after resisting for ages! It does look lovely, and is really easy to apply. A little goes a very long way!

I received my stamp yesterday and cannot wait to have a play! Thank you for letting me be a part of the blog hop! Really looking forward to it. :)

craftypagan said...

Hi Karen,

I received my new stamp for the blog hop yesterday but didn't realise it was the 19th. I am actually away that week (typical since I'm a stay at home mum and never have really have prior arrangements apart from playdates!) so I'll schedule my post for the bloghop to publish that day. Is that ok? I've already started playing with my stamp! Love Rowena

judith@poppy cottage said...

I got my stamp today, it's gorgeous! Can't play until tomorrow, but got lots of ideas already. If that's a taste of the rest of the collectin, I'll definitely be buying some more. I love Diane's work anyway, and the stamp does not disappoint. Judith x P.S. Thank you again!!!!

weewiccababe said...

would the flower soft work in the same way as flock or glitter-flock?
have a great weekend Karen

Stampin Mindy said...

I cant wait to get my blog hop stamps. It's going to be a blast!

Sorry to hear Tiets cannot make it to CHA.

Have a great day Karen!

Tiets said...

it was too much such a great gift!! Thanks again, I'm very pleased with it, allthought I would rather be with you with the CHA.
Hugs Tiets