Gorjuss set 3

I am home, my business in Glasgow was complete and as today was a bit manic with children's activities and DH sounded stressed on the phone, so I just came home very late last night.

Today I received in my mail box, Gorjuss set 3, big thanks to Grant and Suzanne for ready to load images, very much appreciated ;) BUT I ain't showing you! Peeks will have to wait until the nearer the end of the month.
I believe I have a visitor coming to the house of sugar soon, all the way from the far east but with an Aberdeen accent, stampers over there are liking Gorjuss girls and she wants to see for herself where they come from while she was in the area. It will be fantastic to hear how stampers so far away use their Sugar Nellie stamps. I am looking forward to her visit.

Top tip for beginners today..........
Sugar Nellie stamps are thick naked rubber, untrimmed ready for you to trim with scissors, you can choose to add to kling on/foam mount if you wish.
I leave mine naked and trim then attached to an acrylic block with a glues stick, easy and quick to clean up after with a baby wipes.


craftypagan said...

Hi Karen,

I received my new stamp for the blog hop yesterday but didn't realise the hop was the 19th. I am actually away that week (typical since I'm a stay at home mum and never have really have prior arrangements apart from playdates!) so I'll schedule my post for the bloghop to publish that day. Is that ok? So I would need the details before end of next week? Sorry to be a nuisance! Love Rowena

Tiets said...

Ooooo new gorjuss girls..wowww I can't wait to see a little sneak peak!!
Hugs Tiets

Marcea said...

oooh how exciting .... can't wait to see them in all their gorjusness! Hope the visit goes well :o)

Brandi said...

Yay! I love Gorjuss Girls! Wish I could see them a bit sooner, but I'll live! :)

POPPET said...

Wow a third set i havent even got set 2 yet sigh, hope you have a great weekend hugs Pops x

Bethanne said...

How exciting!!!! : D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog this weekend, in honor of Suzanne's birthday!


Jorunn said...

OMG Gorjuss set #3!!!! Yay!!!

I am ready!!! Can`t wait to see them!


Nicki said...

Oh WOW more stamps, adore these stamps, so they WOW, love them, so will have to spend some more money i suppose and get them! hey ho! how i suffer (LOL)
cant wait for launch of these, especially if the other 2 sets are anything to go by!

She said...

Hi Karen. I received my stamp for the blog hop yesterday. Thank you, I can't wait to play. Hope the visit goes well. xx

Cathy said...

OMGoodness a set 3!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I better save up some $$$$!! Love those Gorjuss Girls!! Love all my Sugar Nellie's!!

Hugs, Cathy

Stamping Seasons said...

Ohhh you are such a tease!! Can't wait to see the new girls, get them, and then show them off to all over here in NZ!!

Christine said...

Great tip. I'm going to try this!


Charmed by Gorjuss said...

I can't wait to see the new set! I've FINALLY played with a few pieces from the first set.

Candy said...

Happy to hear you are home again and your trip went well. Hope you and your visitor have a lovely time as well.

I LOVE the GIRLS!!!! I am so excited set 3 is out soon. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Candy

NGCARDS said...

ooooh I cant wait to see the new set :) xx

Joanne said...

I received 2 sugar nellie stamps yesterday and am so thrilled with them that I have just ordered 3 more. What a gorgeous product.

kiaras said...

oh you are hard with us let us see the sneek lolll

they are so pretty

Lim said...

Oh wow!! I can't wait for the new releases!!!! I ADORE all the gorjuss girls!!!!. They are fantastic!

Aud said...

One can never have too many Gorjuss girls! Bring 'em on! =0)

I use my stamps the same way you do, glue stick on my acrylic block, and the rubber stamp with no cling or mounting stuff. Works like a dream!


Lilian said...

wowee! can't wait too see them!

Nicoline said...

Can't wait to see them! (Patience is not one of my stronger points;-))
The other girls will be glad to see them coming LOL


Minx said...

Oh i so cant wait, i adore the first 2 sets, even getting a gorjuss tattoo done in July.. i'm all excited now woo hoo lol
Can i put my name down now for a set lol

Carolyn said...

When would the Gorjuss Girls be coming out????? Dying to order.

Laura said...

Can you tell me where one can purchase these acrylic blocks? I purchased 10 sugar nellie stamps, and I cannot find acrylic blocks so that I can use them!

Laura said...

Can you tell me where one can purchase these acrylic blocks? I purchased 10 sugar nellie stamps, and I cannot find acrylic blocks so that I can use them!