Wedding Bells

Hello Sugar addicts, I am still alive and have not dropped off the face of the earth, but I have been taking a lot of time off , this weekend I had a fabulous time at a wedding, it was so relaxed and calm, nothing like my own 20 years ago, I cant remember much about my day as my nerves were too much. But it was lovely to see all the men in their kilts, young and older, the beautiful bride and bridesmaids, the proud parents in all their finery. Just a brilliant day and lots of dancing and champagne :)

So back to work, well not to my desk as its the TATTIE HOLIDAYS and here in Scotland the schools close for two weeks! Traditionally, in the olden days, the children had to lift the potatoes by hand in the fields, therefor, that was the need for tattie holidays. That is no more, with all the machinery there is these days, mix that with the fact that there are not many children out there that would work that hard for some pocket money these days.

So working from home today with new artwork from Mary and Leanne, hopefully ready withing the next two weeks. Wait but there is more...................birthday time!

YES we are getting ready for our birthday celebrations here in the house of sugar, were plan to have our online party over on our own forum at Split Coast Stampers, you are all invited, I would love to see you all and I am very happy to share our birthday cake with everyone who has a sweet tooth.
Catch you again soon. Take care.



weewiccababe said...

oh will have to keep an eye out on SCS then :)
and yes, I remember tattie-picking, I bought my first hi-fi (complete with turntable) with my tattie money lol

Anne said...

Ooh more Leanne artwork, that's tantalising!

Also looking forward to the birthday cake, is it chocolate flavoured?

Donalda said...

Oh I am ready to party!!!!!!! Love birthday partys.

Glad you got some time off dear to relax. Hope you are all rested up.

Jessica said...

What a wonderful way to remember what used to be! And for 2 weeks too.

Alison said...

I love your site - the pictures - it's like my sugar treat for the day just in itself. I love the doll image with dark hair on your site - how did you do that?

Andrea said...

So strange reading your blog this evening - I was only talking today about potato picking when I was a child! The Mums used to do it in the week when us children were at school, and then we used to do it at the weekends - I used to love getting the money at the end of the day! It was probably how my Mum earned some money towards Christmas!
Love, Andrea xx