report this seller if you love
 Hanglar  & Stanglar stamps.

Do not buy, I see that those that have purchased this CD have hidden their details, as they know this is fraud. Shame on you crafters !

It was to many people's delight that Marie chose to sell stamps on ebay, this will sicken her and I for one do not want her to revert back to selling only to Scandinavia.

This is so wrong on many levels and I am disgusted with seller


Log into your account and report this item as
=Counterfiets and breach or copyright.
=enabling duplication or copyright material

I have been unable to get Marie on the phone today but I am pleased to see the CD has been pulled, thanks to all the crafters who reported it,  it was pulled withing 30min of me finding it.

AND here is one ripping off Magnolia
sellers details at the bottom of the page, shame on you JULIE.
Magnolia have been sent your name and address for legal reasons.
this is fraud, report it now!


Elaine said...

I have seen this CD before on ebay!
But whose worse? The seller or the buyers? Both know it's wrong!
Just been on ebay and it says the item is no longer available.
Best wishes
Elaine xx

Lorraine said...

i am disgusted its got to be the same women i reported for the magnolia cds she also is doing pennyblack and loads more too what a liberty xx

Secret Crafter said...

This is out of order, these people obviously don't have a conscience but it doesn't end there. If you put 'stamped images' into the ebay search engine it comes up with loads of sellers who are stamping Tildas, Sugar Nellie and others onto sheets and selling them. It is time this was stopped. Why should these shameless people make money out of our hard work?

Mina said...

the hanglar ones have been removed but I have reported the other, they have two CD's on sale
Mina xxx

Kim. said...

The first one has already been removed but the second is still there, have reported it.
Kim xXx

Anonymous said...

THAT IS TERRIBLE!! I can't believe it.

Nora said...

The first seller has been removed, but I sent a report on the second seller. If anyone would like to copy n paste, here's what I wrote:
"These images are STAMPS - this seller has scanned/burned them onto a CD & it is THEFT!"

These artists work HARD for the little bit of profit they make from the sales of their stamps & it's wrong, wrong, wrong, for someone to take advantage this way.

It's a shame to see someone abusing TOUs & Angel Policies in this fashion. I hope they remove the seller & I hope the stamp manufacturers can pursue litigation without it running them out of business due to court costs.


Ann said...

Can't believe that anyone would be so criminal.
One has been taken off now but the magnolia is still there.

Just awful.
Ann xxx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

We all like to save money where possible, but NOT like this! I've put reports in for the 2 Magnolia CD's, lets hope they get taken off as the others seem to have x

Kimmi said...

Ebay are having real issues with these kinds of discs and also those who mass stamp the images.

The Hanglar one has gone but the Magnolia one is still going!

Shame on them!

Kimmi x

shellshearer said...

Hi hun this is absolutely disgusting...they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it...the first one is no longer available and I have reported the second

huge hugs shell xx

paola said...

This is an outright CHEEK! we all pay what we have to buy these stamps and here she is ripping off the wholesalers

~ Ali ~ said...

Totally agree its disgusting. Same with the one that sell the stamped images anything for a quick buck!! The amount of stamped images on Ebay is unbelievable. Some people have no shame! Hugs Ali x

FionaJ said...

Reported them both earlier, glad to see one of them has been pulled already, time the authorities cracked down and prosecuted these cheats (trying to remain nice and not get into a slanging match and name calling), it would only take one or two if them to be prosecuted and the others would soon stop.

Annie said...

I have reported the item. It has 3 hours left to run and one bid. I've also sent a question to the seller, simply asking 'is this legal?' I wonder if I'll get an answer.
annie x

Anonymous said...

I reported on the last link you posted..nothing at the other links. I haven't seen this on USA ebay...I sure hope this gets stopped! The gal should be stamping all those images herself, that is if she even purchased them in the first place!
I guess I always thought stampers were above this kind of behavior. shame is right!
Pam Going Postal

Sarah A said...

Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention. I don't know how people can sleep at night knowing they are so blatantly breeching copyright! Criminal! I know we all like to save money and crafting can be expensive but surely people have a conscience??!!

Actually the great thing about the post is that I never realised Hanglar rubber stamps were available in the UK so THANKS for this info!! Will definietely buy them from Maria!

Sarah x

Emily said...

these cds are so bad, not so sure on the stamped image thing though as i have seen it argued that it does not breach some angel policies, depends how they are worded, i wouldnt buy but thats just me. didnt realise hangler were being sold on ebay... finally decided the rest of the world is worthy, lol

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

I think it's shocking that Ebay allow this sort of thing to happen and totally refuse to take any responsibility for it. I'll also file a report with them if the offending items are still live.


katy said...

Yay power to the people :) both are gone ! Have to say the seller who listed the Hanglar cd bought a Kraftin Kimmie stamp from me the other week...maybe Kim ought to keep an eye on Ebay. Well done for highlighting this...outrageous ! xx

TA Carbone said...

Good for you for posting this. More people should do what you are doing. I get your post updates through the email and the first thing I did was check out the links you provided and I see everything was pulled. They, ebay, should ban these sellers

Lisa Whittemore said...

This is terrible and glad they have been pulled but now a question. Where can I find the Hanglar & Stanglar stamps? I did a search on ebay and nothing was found.
Will they ship to the US or Germany?
Any information appreciated as I would love to buy some of these stamps too.

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

this is a disgrace!!!!!!!
both sellers have had their item's removed now.

cockney blonde said...

The Magnolia one has been pulled now. I've noticed the stamped sheets of images before. Will keep my eyes peeled in the future. Glad someone has stood up to these fraudsters, x

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

I'm shocked and horrified!!! I'm an avid collector of theese stamps, and they are SO precious to me. I can't imagine what sort of persons would enjoy creating anything with their fake stolen stamps :( The sellers have both removed now luckily! But for them & people who has bought the cd's I wish bad karma...

Kathleen said...

i have to agree that this is completely out of order. however, i do feel that the H&S people have only got themselves to blamee. firstly, they refuse to sell their stamps anywhere but Scandinavia despite being aware of their ever increasing popularity. then they release small numbers of a couple of designs of stamps on ebay at very high prices.
i don't condone what's been done but they are filling a hole in the market that H&S have created themselves.
if they allowed their stamps to be sold in the uk the same way that magnolia does, then people wouldn't resort to such legths to get the images!
ok, i'll get off my soapbox now!

Cheribella said...

This is disgusting...coming from an American that drools for Hanglars!! I just finally purchased my first Hanglars from ebay uk when Marie was offerring kit4 a week or so ago. It is like gold to me and I am so thrilled to have it:0)
Many times I see listings on ebay uk for people selling just stamped images at very high prices but I personally refuse to purchase or sell images.
I have swapped images with others but mostly just given freely from the heart and it has been my experience that most stampers are the same as I.
I am so glad these frauds have been reported. I love all of those lovely stamps and pray nobody messes with your Sugar Nellies.