FK candy winners Pt 2

project using shrink plastic and Sugar Nellie stamps, do you have anything to show off, add a link in the comments box and if we feature you, something sweet will come your way :)

Mark has been off sick this week, poor thing. Now that he's back on the mend and catching up with his work, all claimed candy has been sent so lets have him draw some more...........

Girls, as a thank you for putting our banner on your blog, Mark would like to send you a little something, germ free of course! email and the subject is banner candy.

The sun is shining here in Scotland today, my son has a school trip into the forest, here's hoping is stays dry for them. But with his class gone it leaves our little school some what empty......14 children is all that's left today at Alves primary, its going go be quiet in the lunch hall.

Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing your shrink plastic projects, they don't have to be SN but it helps.


Aunty Sue said...

sun shinning here in manchester keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Paula said...

Sorry to hear that Mark has been unwell - please pass on my very best wishes.
Thanks also for the Spot Prize - made my day.
Paula (PEP)

K said...

Yes, we've been playing with the shrink foil. And your manga stamps are just PERFECT (I had to say it out loud) for shrinking. Some of the examples of mobile phone hangers we made are posted in this post on my blog. My daughter colors them mostly, I stamp them, cut them, bake them ... and even granny got one for her birthday a couple of days ago! She laughed, but she let us hang it on the phone nevertheless :)
Bye, Kitty

angelique (anlou) said...

to every one, congrats, to bad im not one of theme, but im still hoping, hugs angelique

Aussie Loz said...

Congrats to the winners... maybe I'll get lucky next time! ♥

Thistleblue said...

Poor Mark, hope he's feeling much better! I made some bag charms/keyrings for a swap recently with shrinkies. Was my first time and loved the result. you can see piccies on this post. you may have to scroll down, think its the third photo onwards....

Paula said...

Shall try to do something with Shrink Plastic but having a bit of a bad patch with almost daily migraines - have an idea of something though so itching to try it out.
Paula (PEP)

Mummylade said...

shrink plastic is amazing. I used it in a way I see every day - as a charm on my calendar. I put the string with the charm on the current week to know where to open the calendar. I have a picture of it here

Nora said...

Haven't played with plastic shrink in AGES. I just popped in this morning for my daily eye candy fix & find that my name is on the list of winners! {squee!} Thanks for picking me, Mark ~ prayers for a quick return to health.


Julye said...

Hiya all have just seen I've won some yummy candy how kind you all are and how lucky for me and all the others on the list too, Good to know Mark is feeling betterhave a great weekend I know mine is off to a wonderful start now. Tanks again Julye

xxxtglxxx said...

My spot prize arrived today! :)wow you work fast! :)
many, many thanks xx alison xx

Paula said...

Thanks so much for the spot prize - arrived in the midst of my craft room being dismantled so it went straigh into the Nellie box. Floored by another couple of migraines but working on the Shrink Plastic project - I have to say anyone who heard my whoop of delight when the prize arrived must have thought me bonkers - but it was one of my two favourites!
Much love to everybody.
Paula (PEP)

Paula said...

Finally got the shrink plastic done - link is
It's not anything fancy like a keyring or charm etc..... - I've just been fiddling around with making conjunction with a Gorjuss girl.
Paula (PEP)