Stuck on you!

Kate has been playing in the House of Sugar, I think these are super cute and you should all try them as you have a few stamps, right?

Stamp colour and attach to sticky backed magnetic sheets, cut out and glaze. Done..... easy peesy :)

Try something new with your stamps. Great to make with kids in the holidays.OR I hear a few of you doing kids craft parties and these would be good but maybe with out the glaze as I doubt it would dry fast enough for little fingers to take home!

take care



mustavcoffee said...

Brilliant idea, many Thanks,xx

Macpurp said...

fab idea, you are clever Kate!
love tina x

Chatterbox Chum said...

Brilliant - Can you tell me where to get the magnetic sheets please. What a great idea.

Marion said...

These are cute. Brilliant idea.

Paula said...

Love the yellow coloured Daisy - she will just have to be on my list, oops she is already.
Paula (PEP)

Shirley said...

Thanks for the idea. Got an elleven year old's party coming up. Better look out the magnets. Shirley