New Artist Clue #2

Good morning Sugar Babes, well yesterdays little competition leads me to believe we have a leek in the House of Sugar, or maybe even a spy! How on earth did so many of you get it right! LOL, maybe you just had to google my quote, was it that easy?

No clue today, you don't need it.

I am delighted to welcome Kathy Hare to our family of illustrators, I am sure that she will bring something new to the world of stamping. I have carefully picked out 6 new stamps based on works in her gallery, you will not know which one until the blog hop, but it would be interesting to see if you and me are on the same wave length here, which one would you  choose?

Kathy Hare Galleries

If you would like to know more about Kathy she also has a blog, go over and give here a huge welcome. I have not been working with Kathy for long but her work is flawless, sketches are perfect first time around and I think she will much appreciated for her true artist talent by stampers.

 I am delighted to add another illustrator to our family, along with a great DT, Gayle and her Sweeties over on the challenge blog, Fiona who overseas the forum on SCS and last but not least Kate and Mark in the House of Sugar. We all work together to bring you the best we can and are always looking forward to changing times and try to keep up with all that fashionable in stamping. For those of you who have been with us from the start will know, it has its ups and downs but its has been a lot of fun, long may in continue.

I will come back later and draw a winner from yesterday, I will be back later once I get to my desk at the HOS.



fi's cards and crafts said...


I have had a look at Kathy's illustrations and they are so beautiful...I can't wait to see the stamps.


Donna said...

Well done Karen, Kathy will be a lovely addition to the artists you have on board already. Looking forward to seeing what the new sugar babies will be.

~ Ali ~ said...

I must admit i didn't google it. I was browsing the other night looking for a certain type of stamp as I remembered a popular blogger had blogged a card using one of her images. I found her blog......

Keep up the good work Sugar Nellie.....we luvs ya :D

Paula said...

Just to say a huge thank you to all of you - the service you all provide is exemplary & but for you all I wouldn't be learning so much. Much love & thanks to everybody involved - including the rubber cutters.............
Paula (PEP)


Hi Karen, for me it is a hard choice, but if I really had to choose one it would be Gallery 1. Love those images. Fingers crossed I may be right. Hugs Linda x

Paula said...

My list of 6 - based on 2 from each gallery
Gal 1 - Little Bear, Hollow
Gal 2 - Little Nonsense Now & Then, Owl & Pussycat
Gal 3 - Nestled in Petals, Be A Little Different.

The last one sums up SN & I could see the tree & hanging boy as a stamp image.

Paula (PEP)

Anne said...

Hard to choose but I love Be a Little Differentand Entangled from her b&w gallery, Sea Breeze and Renee are also very appealing but maybe not far enough from styles already out there...

So pleased that it is Kathy's work you'll be using though:)

weewiccababe said...

haha, and there was me thinking I was being really clever - I think I tried to find the answer the hard way yesterday.
Anyway, I've never been very good at guessing which illustrations would make good rubber stamps, so instead of guessing I'm going to tell you the ones I like the most from her galleries...
The Kiss
Betty prepared herself for battle
Lazy hazy summer days
and finally, Seedling - because the wee girl in that drawing is almost identical to my youngest daughter, Faith.
good luck to everyone in the draw

Caz said...

Yep hands up...I Googled...I love Google.

KJ said...

I'm sooo happy, I love Kathy's art! There are so many beautiful images but my absolute favourite is Freedom Song closely followed by Time Flies, I can't wait to see which ones you've chosen :D x

craftymomela said...

Beautiful blog, can't wait to see what she designs for you. Flawless

Gayle said...

Hi Mum

It wasn't me honest...I'm not a Welsh national vegetable!

Honestly...your spelling!

Luvs ya

G x