DT call*pointers

 Hi sugar addict hope you are planning a great weekend, they come around far too quickly and don't last long enough. I did a little crafting last night with my nesties and some beautiful but expensive prima flowers, stunning they were, just need a sentiment and they are finished, not a character stamp in site but I like to craft too.

But Gayle has asked me to keep posting WITHOUT showing you peeks! 
 DAM you know I want to.
I aint allowed to show you the sweet rubber that we have planned for you because the team have all been organised to run a build up to the blog hop, it will all start with Elaine next Thursday,
so until then you still have me :)

Most of you know now that Maria and Gayle are dealing with the DT and any new members and guest that are required are down to them. Sometimes circumstances change and we have a members stand down and if we have a short list of girls we have admired we contact them. Other times there is a call out which is primarily to find new blood, maybe someone who has a new style, outside the box, a new face to Sugar Nellie and maybe some one completely new to the sweet stuff.

One thing that crops up time and time again is that a crafter might just be what we are looking for
BUT, and its a big but, bigger than mine ;)
she is over committed.
Please think carefully when you choose with DT you join, I know some of you think its an honor to be asked and yes it is, but if you don't LOVE that stamp company, leave it alone, your are judged on what DT you accept and being on too many will stop offers coming in from others, others that might be more you cup of tea. DON'T collect DT like brownie badges, you might miss out on a gold star because there is no more room down your side bar/sleeve. Challenge blogs are great, if you join a team and enter your card with their stamp onto a challenge blog its all good advertising assuming that the challenge blog is not brand exclusive.

I am a stamp tart, its true, there is no shame in it. I have watched the stamp market for 11 years and there are many great stamp companies and there are stamp companies that have artwork that I personally, would never pass as good enough.
 I know its personal taste and any of you that have met me know that on a one to one basis I will hold nothing back in telling you what I think of the choice out there.

BE fussy, BE choosy, your time is precious, your papers cost you money, I have seen girls struggle with DT work and magazine work because they HAVE TO work with stamps that do not inspire them. It's hard to be motivated if you are not in love with what you have in front of you. It's OK to say "no thank you" to an invitation because collecting DT badges which you are not 100% in love with, drains your creativity, your supply of stash and your chance for better things. There are only 30 days in the month, being on the SN team will each into a lot of those days, and if you have multiply teams to provide work for you might find yourself running out of days or worse still not meeting deadlines, miss postings and letting your team down. When given a DT position your are promoting that company, altho I agree that you  need variety on your blog I would expect to see each brand showcased on an even basis weekly.

Conflict of interests, this is another point we have to take into consideration. There are more stamp companies out there than there has ever been, the last 4 years has seen an amazing amount of new cute stamp companies and some play in the same field., we have the same following and same customer base. We are essentially all competing for your custom and as there is more and more choice and less and less disposable income we do stand on each others toes from time to time.

 I personally do not think its good to "share" DT members, conflict of interests is the way I would word it. This rules out some amazing girls which we would love to work with us but unless they want a change sides, I don't see them offering to swap teams any time soon.
So we are still searching for new team members BECAUSE we need talented and motivated girls who can give our stamps the inky love they deserve, a prime place on the front of your cards, blog post and challenge entries.

This summer there was a slight change in how I go about finding super cute artwork and I am so excited with whats around the corner, these stamps are AMAZING and I love them. I know you will to, I am so sad that the captain will not let me show you but I am also sure that the girls are all pulling together to create lots of yummy sweetness that will temp you  to  play with our team yet again.

Tinkle bell fairies with knitted sock and bells on the end
Frog and bunnies
freckles and frilly skirts
cozy warm knitted hearts
garlands of love and mistletoe......

Keep watching,

( if you need to leave a comment for my eye's only just pr fix it with PRIVATE, I am always keen to hear your point of view because you are good enough to listen to mine.)


Maria Therese said...

I'm really exited about the new release ♥♥ Once they come out I will be so out of money ♥♥♥ The two's I have seen and made cards with are just gooooooooooorgeous and really inspire my crafty mojo♥

Janette said...

Hi Karen, Having just read this post with interest, I have to say I could'nt more with all you said, especially about the DTs. It is hard going if you don't love the images your having to work with....something the SN dt never have to experience.....you made alot of good points, thankyou.xx

ourmoi said...

This post made good reading, and a lot of sense! We all try to do our bit and somnetimes get carried away with ourselves, thus biting off more than we can chew. Mind you I do enjoy biting off to much sugar!!
I can only say "Well written!".
Hugs, Moira

Pat said...

Oh Karen...I can'tg wait to see all the sweeeeeeeet rubbah that will be coming our way...is it Thursday yet??!! Have a great week. Hugs. Pat Frank

weewiccababe said...

I took on board a lot of those pointers from you a good while ago. And I think the same goes for product promotion too - I've been approached by companies who want me to talk about their products on my blog, but as they haven't been relevant to my crafting or my blog content I've politely declined - sometimes you just have to say no. :)

Lorraine said...

i think this all makes so much sense i joined a DT once and as i was new to blogging i was so pleased to be asked i said yes before seeing what i would be working with and i really did not enjoy my time there so as they say you learn from expeirience and now i will only apply for DTS i buy from like you of course have a great weekend so looking forward to the new rubber xx

Paula (PEP) said...

All very well said Karen. A Design Team appointment requires total commitment & a passion for that company & to stick with them through thick & thin. Much of what you write is what I have been thinking about. I am hugely looking forward to the new release & seeing what Gayle has in store.
Paula (PEP)

Dina K. said...

Very well said, and my sentiments exactly - thank you for posting this! Designing is a work of heart, and it can quickly become a drudgery if the images or products you're working with don't make your heart sing.

Mariska said...

I completely agree with you Karen! This is the first time I think I saw anybody say all these things out loud and it's very refreshing to read! I myself am very reluctant at taking on DT jobs, because I have found in the past that working with things you HAVE to work with can totally get your creativity running out the door. When you are in a team you need to promote what the company gives you... how can you do that when you wouldn't have bought that stamp is you hadn't gotten it for free! Good for you for saying all these things out loud!


Lim said...

I agree with you 100% that there are too many cute new stamps out there, and you have to find what really inspires you. I'm like that, the stamp has to "talk to me" so I can have ideas running up and down in my head. Your stamps are always GORGEOUS and I know there is a lot of talented ladies that would looove being in your team. Good luck with your search.
PS: I can't wait to see and "smell" the new rubber... Thank you for always bringing us a lot of super cute and adorable images. :)

Mummylade said...

I totally agree with you. I don't really see why it's so important to be on lots of design teams, better to pick a few and really commit. Especially since the DT usually have "backstage blogs" where they post both creations and thoughts and keeping up to speed on many different ones can be hard. I've passed on many calls cause I felt that I wouldn't be able to use those images on a regular basis cause like you said; working with images that don't get your juices flowing is hard, really hard.

And there are loads of talented crafters out there, enough to spread the assignments =)

coops said...

i totally agree with all what you have said.i am on 2 dts and that is enough for me as i want to give those 2 dts 100% and i have turned lots of other dts down because i know i would feel pressurised and then my mojo would dissapear.
i really don`t know how some of these girls/guys do as many dts as they do.
sometimes i think people do it for the kudos rather than enjoying working with the brand.
i did apply for the sassy gdt as i know i love my sassy stamps :D and i felt good that i gave it a go.
i can`t wait to see your new release stamps and your new dt members :D

xx coops xx

Carisa said...

I just saw this post and I have to say I agree with you 100%!!! I overcommitted myself at one point and it was exhausting and hurt my mojo in so many different ways. I do not try out for just any DT, only the ones that I know I would absolutely be INSPIRED to work with their stamps. I really scaled back and had to skip on some calls because I just knew I didn't have it in my to give what they deserve had I been asked to join. I also like doing guest spots like with Simply Sassy because I get to work with great designers and stamps yet it's not a long term commitment so there isn't a chance of burnout after a period of time. That said, good luck with your SN call! I did submit and I know it would be awesome to be a part of your team! Esp since you know what it is to be on a DT and what you except from your team. :D

Susan said...

I just recently applied to a DT for a company I love, but didn't get chosen :( I know there will be other opportunities. I will be a quest DT member in the month of October for a company and that is a first I am very excited. I am glad to have read this post. it was quite insightful! thank you.

Jenn said...

I agree with everything you said, as a reader it can be very obvious when someone doesn't have their heart in their work. I also think that by not overextending yourself, you also open the door for some other talent to have a shot to show a different point of view : )