Sunny Saturday

Hello Sugar Addicts, how has your week being, have you missed my ramblings and bad spelling?

 I am sure that Gayle has lots planned for you enjoyment, it has been a long time coming, handing over the DT to Gayle as I did with the Simply Sassy team and Maria. Having seen what an amazing job Maria did, it only made me look worse!
So I have taken a step back but have not sat down and put my feet up, no life is not that much in control yet. I am taking the wholesale side of the business a step up the ladder, I ain't moving to fast just baby steps and will be at the Perth trade show in September. So there are lots of posters, samples and catalogues to be made before we go. So that's my jobs for now desk top publisher here I come, wish me luck!

 BUT before that we have the first of our Seasonal demonstrations/class days in store at Papercrafts Boutique in ELGIN. Local crafter can see more details on the tab at the top EVENTS

We have for the next three months Erika Gunter demonstration for Personal Impressions the first Saturday of the month,(easy to remember). I booked Erika a long time ago because knowing that these are the three busiest months of the year for our store and there are only 4 Saturdays in a month, she was guaranteed to have a full diary. I also know that secretly she was away to do a screen test for QVC!

Having known Erika for over 10 years and worked with her and behind her, I am delighted that she has had so much come her way these last few years, because she is an excellent crafter, with attention to detail that I have no patients for, and our tastes are one and the same. being her local craft shop we are lucky to have her teach classes now and then but with her being so busy with PI I might have to think of opening on a Sunday just to fit everything in to a very busy season. I am very lucky to have Kate in the store and Jenny doing classes too. Might have to put my pinny on and do some myself?!

 As many of you know it can be a sole destroying task doing crafting for a "living", yeah I know that there are very few cardmakers out there that make more than they spend, its a down side of a very addictive hobby. But sometimes you are given a chance to do something out side the box and it might not look much at the time but it may well open doors further down the road. If you are given the chance, take it, its better to look back and say I did that, than wonder what may have happened if you had taken the chance.

Take Sugar Nellie for example, its was purely a fancy  idea that worked, born out of frustration way back in 2007 and still going strong.
And because I know whats around the corner ;) I needed an extra pair of hands. Que Gayle, who I am sure will have a hard time choosing new DT members but I know that she is focused and is capable of being captain of that ship. Design Team Captain, that's what I call her, eye eye captain!

that's enough blethering from me, I hope its a sunny day where you are. School goes back on Tuesday with my boy moving up to the Academy he's pretty excited having come from a little country school of 30 pupils in total, its very much little fish big bowl, and with my youngest having her 9th birthday tomorrow I will be oh so glad to get back to normality next week, I think I have aged 10 years this summer, time to get my roots done again.

take care



Fiona said...

sounds like it's all go Sugar Nellie planning a visit to the SECC in October this year??


mixamatoasties said...

Know what you mean about aging 10 years in the holidays..... Susan xx

Macpurp said...

i think it is your youngest one I have in mind, when I remember her scooting around the shop floor in your last place on her wee bike, lifting the seat and popping various items she had aquired into her secret stash without you knowing there was a wee storage space there!
have a good weekend.
love teen xx

(Sunday classes sound a great idea!)

Maria Therese said...

I know Gayle will do a perfect job :)

Jane said...

It is all sounding like a very exciting time! I really need to make the trip up for a visit!

Shazza said...

wishin you lots of success in your next step Karen, hoepfully I'll get through to one of Erika's demo days. Roll on Tuesday, mine so need back to school x

Paula (PEP) said...

Wise words Karen - just take an opportunity; the only regrets can be if you don't try; that's how I ended up marrying my husband; I knew I could not take the chance of not having stepped completely outside what I was used to & daring to do - 10 years down the line I've no regrets for he has helped me grow so much. I wish Sugar Nellie all the best for the future - your delegation is brilliant & your eye for people superb. Thanks to you I have many blogging friends & though I've not been very active in Challenge circles lately I've tried to keep up with blogland.
Wishing you all the best.
With my thanks for all you do too.
Paula (PEP)

weewiccababe said...

busy busy Karen, sounds great though - onwards and upwards

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

....look how far you have come. This is dedication and hardwork! Wish i lived closer would love to be able to come to one of Erikas classes :)

Watch out for the postie the remainder of the samples and a wee treat for you :)

Cathy is here this week so we are gonna be crafting!

Do You craft?? he he this still makes me giggle that story! Would love to have seen the Captain face :)

Happy Birthday to the wee one!

Have a fab week

Ali x