pointer #2

WOW, that got a lot of brains ticking over and many of you left me private comments,( i did skim over them all but will go back and read them all from start to finish,) between those and the comments of the facebook group, a lot of questions and relevant point were raised. Here is one I would like to answer.....

"how can you tell some one is over committed", good question, some girls don't work and have many hour of crafting in a week, but I will tell you that the way I can tell is the quality of their work, simple really, if they are hashed their work suffers, its easy to tell the difference between a card that has been thrown together to meet a deadline to to fill a post on the blog against a card that has been made with thought and love. I spend so many hour blog hopping in a week I'm cross eyed by Friday!

BUT there are many girls out there that handle everything fantastically, I don't know how they do it, I admire their work and their ability to give 100% to all they do.

I have seen it more times that I can count, artists and crafters take on too much and the work that made them popular suffers. When looking at a new blog, I go beyond the first page, when you work backwards its easy to spot a shift in style and quality of work.

Another pointer was regarding members of our own DT's, well as you know Gayle has just started the hard job of captain and I am sure there will be many changes as soon as she finds her feet. At the moment the DT are all busy with the next release but we hope to have a fresh start with the addition of some new team members, new rules, contracts and many deadlines very soon.
Our girls will have to work hard and for that to work they truly have to LOVE our stamps and commit to us and we intend to commit to them. We have a fantastic team but we all need a change now and then and I agree once your heart is not in it, its time to move on.

But for some fun, how about you mark in your calender and join in the community spirit for which Sugar Nellie is best know for. Find us on Face book; SUGAR NELLIES group or "like" our page SUGAR NELLIE, or just hang about here and see what goes down. Better put the kettle on while we wait because its

What do you see, knitted socks with bells on and fur trim. Oh now what could that be?

off to work now, catch you later
take care



Janette said...

Are you sure you can't give us just a little peek....no....ok...3days it is then..lol..xx

Karen said...

Now honey I couldn't agree with you more on that point! Nothing worse than looking at a DT card and thinking now that's just thrown together... and the amount of times I have come across a post where a said DT member has "forgotten" to do her post on time... it makes me cringe. You have to have the time to do it, and your heart has to be in it... you most certainly have to LOVE what you do with a PASSION!! Oh AND ONLY THREE MORE SLEEPS TO GO FOR OUR SNEAK PEEKS!!! YIPPEE!!! (Sorry couldn't resist that bit.) Lol.xx

Paula (PEP) said...

I can't be the only one who's enlarged that banner & tried to work out what whether the white bit sticking out is a foot or not.......As for your DT pointers - all thoroughly wise. I feel terribly awkward about letting anyone down but at the same time I cannot give less than 100% & if I cannot do that I won't do it. I believe commitment is crucial & a belief in the product I am handling - I cannot sell something I am not totally committed to. I will work with something out of my comfort zone - but only to find out how I feel about it & to keep me flexible but I will not compromise what I believe in. That ramble is all to just say I'm behind you in what you posted. Wisdom - & I'm not just buttering you up; it is what I believe. If any of this offends or you feel it should not be aired in public just don't publish it. I trust Sugar Nellie & have every respect for your parameters.
Now I'll get off my soapbox & get on with the day.
Much love
Paula (PEP)

weewiccababe said...

have saved up my pennies just for this release - so am looking forward to the peeks

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Just been reading both your posts about DT work and you are absolutely right. You have to love the material you work with and not be over committed. I don't know how some people do a full time job and are on so many DTs. I think it's awful when people post their DT cards late. I try to get ahead with mine as much as I can and am amazed how late some DT members post their cards on the admin blogs. Sometimes we all have things that get in the way but when it is every week you have to question their commtiment. There's a lot to think about when choosing new members isn't there. This isn't about just choosing for a challenge, though that's hard enough, but choosing people to represent and promote Sugar. Can't drink it in my coffee but LOVE it in rubber. As for the sneak peeks, can't wait to see those striped socks, love colouring stripes. Marianne x