I Found Some Fairies...

...not at the bottom of my garden, but a whole host of gorgeous fairies over on the Sugar Bowl.
I love these fairies...from their sweet angelic faces and gossamer wings, right down to their little tippy toes.

This beautiful card was made by my bestest American buddy Amanda using the stamp Fifi Goes Walkies.
And yes, I am going to take all the credit for introducing Amanda to our sweet rubber stamps!
LOVE your colouring...but you know that already :)

Suzi always makes the most fabulous cards and this one, made with the image Titania is no exception. 
Simply gorgeous Suzi :)

This card is Caz's first ever entry into the Sugar Bowl challenge...I hope we see many more from you now Caz! Such a pretty card using the stamp Knitted With Love.

Thank you ladies for your beautiful cards and for playing along with us...I hope to see you all back again soon! If you haven't entered the challenge yet, there's almost a week left to get your entry in.

Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


Thank you Elaine, you are so good at picking beautiful cards, it does help that our entries into the Sugar Bowl challenge are so sweet too.

Not so sweet for me today, very sour day it is.
I know that if you read this blog you are aware that there are crafters out there who disrespect stamp companies by sharing there work without permission and in breach of the terms of use.

Last night was a stinger.........
One lady, not even a customer of Funkykits (unless she has changed her name)
decided to load most of our Adorable digi stamps on to a Free Share web site.
I have reported her, I did press the "destroy with missile" button on my key board
but nothing has happened.
They are all still there, its like sitting with my credit card details printed on the web for everyone to see.
 At lease the credit card company can stop any transaction,
 but the site I am dealing with are not so fast on their feet.

I have so many images that I could make available as digital art
BUT its because of issues like this that I am frightened at the level of abuse we would open our self up to.

never upload images to the web
even if you think no one can see them

only put up finished cards and projects.
(even try to avoid watermarked images if you can)
Dirty crafters are taking images from every where and sharing them.

It's ironic that this woman has a YouTube clip about MEGA downloads
being sued for allowing the sharing of music and videos, does that bother her?
She clearly thinks that stamps are OK to share as do all her friend on the site.
Shame on you Florance!

It is such a shame that one rotten apple spoils the barrel :(


I will defiantly need something sweet to balance my day,
but I have lost the cake Erika baked for me.
My oh My, my days getting worse!



Aunty Sue said...

these cards are beautiful

Shazza said...

well Karen that is disgraceful, I really hope you get the images taken down again before too much damage is done. These people should be ashamed!!
Elaine, you have pickes gorgeous cards, love them all x

Debbi Glennie said...

I'm constantly shocked by people doing that kind of thing Karen. The thing is digis are pretty inexpensive in the first place so I don't understand why anyone would need to do this.

Elaine said...

Unfortunately Karen, I think you are banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to this sort of behaviour.
They DO know darn well that it's wrong, but morals fly out the window if they can 'get something for nothing'.
SHAME on them!! I hope they read this and feel suitably ashamed for STEALING! It is THEFT!

Thankfully, 99% of your fabulous Sugar Addicts have morals and wouldn't do this to you. What would happen if we all took the same selfish attitude and shared around images? No-one would need to pay for them anymore and you'd have no business. More importantly (for me anyway ha!) there would be no more new Sugar Nellies!!
And who would benefit from that? Certainly not me.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this and all the stress it involves, and all with no cake too!
But please take heart and know that it really is just a few that spoil it, your loyal addicts wouldn't do this.

Big Hugs
Elaine xx

Erika said...

Lost it or eaten it?! I'll have to make some more when I pop in next week. Hugs Erika. x

Welmoed said...

O, i'm so sorry to read this...
I do understand the feeling you have!
It is so unfair! They spoil it for everyone else! Last week i read it
on another blog, So you are not the only one..! I hope for you that there comes a solution to stop this!

Best Regards,

Beautiful cards you showed us Elaine!

Pat said...

These cards are stunning! Thanks for posting them, Elaine! And Karen...I'm outraged! It saddens me that there are people out there with such little integrity that they would steal digi art! I know of at least two artists (Mo Manning & Krista Smith) who are on a crusade to stop this activity...since digi theft has affected them each in profound ways. Am keeping my fingers crossed that these THIEVES are stopped!! The sooner the better! Hugs. Pat Frank
p.s. no cake? Well...quick, eat something chocolate!! ;-)

Maria Therese said...

Stunning cards Elaine!!

And Karen I am beyond words for what your going through now! Long live rubber stamps ♥

Paula (PEP) said...

thnaks Elaine or something to cheer about & Karen for standing up to the bullies. Digi art is so difficult & morals don't seem to count either.
You take care Karen.
Paula (PEP)

Cor* said...

Those cards are beautiful! Great choices!

Very scary stuff, this free sharing, I was oblivious to this up until 6 months ago.....people do that?!! So hard to fathom. Every time I see new Digital release, a new digital artist...I shudder. WATERMARK them HARD, artists! It's become so unfun and unfair to do this.....so here I sit in my 'bubble' widdling away at my wee stash, because that's what I'm happy with. I wouldn't be happy taking something that I didn't rightfully buy myself!

Take Care .

Surely there is some sort of chocolate left after Valentines day!

ribenaruby said...

Super cards! Ruby x