New Artist

Hello Sugar addicts and blog readers.

I have something exciting to share with you today, what is more exciting than a new artist!

You know my eye's are for ever on the look out for new talent, some one who has already created
their  characters in a style that is completely their own. Characters that I know that stamper would love
to spend time colouring and sweet enough to join our family here at the House Of Sugar.

Today I share with you, our new discovery.

Carla Chaves is a lovely girl from Portugal and you can pop over and see her work on etsy or more about what she loves on her blog. Carla will work with us to bring you great new art to compliment you creative style.

Carla has illustrated four of her RIBONITA character's for Sugar Nellies March release and other's are to follow.

I would be delighted if you want to leave me a comment as to what characters you would like to see made into stamps, you know that Sugar Nellie is small enough to listen and big enough to do something about it.

I am sure Carla would also appreciate a warm welcome from our followers as this is a field which is new to her, lets show her what amazing creations our sugar addicts can make from her art work.

I ain't going to show you any peeks because the DT will do a far better job than I can, not long now and you can see for yourself how cute these girls are going to be as stamps.


Yesterday I should have been at the NEC with others in a Tim Holtz class but sadly I will not be able to attend the trade show this year and also miss my class. But my good friend Erika is down there and I am sure she will keep me in the loop as to whats new and hot. Got to love craft shopping. I know that there are many new released from our favourite companies and  our store will soon have plenty of great ideas that we can teach and display in store.

For now I will settle myself by opening my cases from my trip to USA and all my lovely craft goodies that I can not get here. I am still waiting for my craft caravan to be sited so that I can move in and start to play. Keeping my fingers crossed that it might be done tomorrow but we have snow again and it's really cold, I don't want to move away from the real fire and I don't blame the others for staying warm and cozy inside either.

A mystery parcel arrived for me at the HOS, some chocolates but I know not from whom they came?
A card said "enjoy the experience", nothing more as to who kindly sent some chocolate my way.

Mystery chocolate lover, I thank you very much for my gift.

I had Megan at work today and did not open them as I would have been obliged to share with my hungry 9 year old and one of my favourite sayings from the film Matilda.................much too good for children.

You all stay warm and take care



Maria Therese said...

You get your own caravan for crafting? Wow how cool! I will need to settle for a corner in the upstairs living room until my girls are big enough to move down to the basement and I get one of their rooms..
Out of the Ribonita's ♥♥♥
I would love to play with
Chocolate friends
This little girl ♥
Lovely little deer and so many more ♥♥

Janine said...

oooo i take a peek...oooo thats amazing
really cute..hhmmm im going to take a second look

Debs said... ' most favouritist *word??....are..J is for Jackalope...H is for Hedgehog..F is for Fox and Coco and Lea in the animals :0)..also...Chocolate Friends and Honey B :0)...hugs Debs x

Shazza said...

oooh lucky you getting choccies!! Had a wee look on Etsy and her paper dolls are so cute, can't wait to see the new stamps. Hope y ou get that caravan moved soon and that you have a lovely Sunday playing with your new goodies.

scrapbookertink said...

Wow, these are adorable love the elf the best can see why she caught your eye, take care, Doreen x

Debbi Glennie said...

oh well done Karen, what a great find. Her designs are so pretty. I particularly like the girls with their eyes open, and I like her boys - we definitely need more boy stamps

Cor* said...

A new artist!! That excites me like crazy!! I'm off to hop over to visit her!! Eeep!!

The chocolates were from me.....ok maybe not, but hey someone has go take the credit!!

As for crafting! I'm stick at the dining room table...😒...clean up before each meal!! Meh!!

Elaine said...

Well you already know I love Carla's girls (ok, not boys not ever)I love her style and particularly the dress up dolls...what could I make with those!!
I can't wait to see what the DT make with these new images..very excited here!

I am still jealous you have a caravan pffttt!!

Hugs Elaine xxx

Cecilia Reyes said...

Oh Karen... you're really an amazing talent hunter!!! I loved the paper dolls and also the critters, but found the insect with a flower and I think maybe we need some of this flowers for spring cards.
Enjoy your crafting goddies!!

ourmoi said...

Ooooo! Love k is for king and e is for elf...something male would be nice. Though there is one that has the legs of pipi long socks which will please the girls on FB sugar nellies! And the lovely girl with plaits... You really can't expect us to make a decision!!!! ALL of them! Carla certainly is a very talented lady.

Lilian said...

Karen, I think her work is adorable!
I agree with Maria - I love the little girl :)
I love the idea of a fairyland realm :) The animals will be harder to color ... I am not so crazy about them. I love to look at them but I am not too keen on coloring them. I love the elf, king and girls though ;)
I hope I am making sense.

Alex said...

Such a fun style! Love when you bring us new artists.
I would love to see in stamps
Chocolate, the girl and the butterfly from the woodland collection, and girl bookmark girl.

So sorry you missed a class with Tim Holtz, but glad to hear you are being taken care of :)

Pat said...

Whoohoo! I love when there's new Sugar to play with! Thanks for feeding my addiction, Karen! You ROCK! Hugs. Pat Frank

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

wow! ribonita's etsy creations are just gorgeous!!! I'd especially LUV to see theese as stamps:

*Best Friends (bunny girl)
*E is for Elf pocket size bookmark image and the
*Chocolat friends bookmarks set 01 with Mimi and Ribonita images!

and also the ribonita happy doodles images from the blog with sayings are sweet!