...from Pheonixville USA.
I took the girls to the airport in Glasgow on Friday morning, all packed and ready to go to Prague.

Just before check in I told them that we were not going to Prague but our flight was to Newark (New York) and that we were to surprise Tom when he came home from work later on in the day.
Both  girls were delighted but dazzeled with the surprise, but Katie still asked 20 questions about Prague and Easy Jet!?!
Debbie's soon to be mother in law, Nancy,has been fantstic and  collected us from the airport and has been driving us around since then. Two days of bridesmaids dress shopping and I am done, stick a fork in me, IF we could get the bride to make a choice we would almost be there! Colour or style or even better BOTH.
I have paid a visit to AC Moore and Jo Anne's so far but still have Micheal's to stop at. I also have a parcel waiting with the local Stamping Up demonstrator to collect :)

By shear chance there was also a big trade show on at the Expo centre and as much as I could have done so much shopping, the baggage allowance is pants! I do have contacts for some really cute gift lines that I might just have to take into the HOS, I hope Kate has been busy while I am away this week as I have so many new ideas to take home with me, I need space. Be warned, Tim Holtz would love my new display props.
Oh I do wish I had taken a camera with me to that, not only would I love to share the pictures of the show stands but the shopping habbits of the customers.

 At home my boy watches a programme called Picker and also Storage Wars, now I know that this is in fact a very prolific pastimes for many many Americans. I really got my eyes opened to the the meaning of recycle and antiques. Cameron need not worry about me collecting old things because I ain't got nothing going on compared to some.

He might not be happy about the arrival of my Craft Caravan on the farm but I have so many things to use it for now, we just have to find a wheel for it so it can be moved into it's space along side the hedge, it fell off when it was delivered by an artic lorry which could not get around the  house and "dumped" it in the farm yard, hubby was not a happy bunny that day!

When I logged in to the this blog, I was surprised to see we had a new look, well done girls, I think its Gayle and Maries doing but its super cute to see some new artwork on the banner, great job girls.oxo

take care and catch you soon



Anonymous said...

hi everyone....I'm so excited to see all the beautiful cards. I am new to this site and I love it.I live in sunny Florida in the USA and the weather is delightful, warm and sunny.I originaly lived in New England and suffered through many snowstorms and freezing temps so I know what some of you are going through. A friend from the UK introduced me to the Sugar Nellie stamps and i fell in love immediately. (Bless you you En) I do cardmaking to stay busy and love all new ideas. I will be checking in to this site daily so keep up the wonderful work .
Thank you all so much for sharing.

Pat said...

Hey Karen...welcome to the states!! Have fun shopping - for wedding stuff...and for HOS! Hugs. Pat Frank

Shazza said...

glad you are having a good time karen, love the new blog look too x

~ Ali ~ said...

Squeal!!!!! what a fabulous surprise!! you are a fab mum :O) sounds like you are having a ball....good luck with the rest of the trip!

Ali x

Elaine said...

My ticket must've got lost in the postal system..I'm sure you really wanted to take me along..if only to pinch my baggage allowance :)

Hope you are all having a blast.

Hugs Elaine xx

Su G said...

Karen so nice to meet you today. I love the stamps you brought me, I have been looking longingly at them, I don't have time to get inky right now. Soon.
Now that you have seen my craft room I have driven home the meaning of hoarder (I mean recycler :) )
I hope you save some time for me to take you around to some LSS next time you are in the states. Su