last night in USA

Our wee holiday has almost come to an end :( but I have lots of goodies and many more ideas to go home with. My last whip around Michael's this morning followed by a delicious lunch at the Olive Garden, got to love warm salty garlic bread and the salads are soooooo good here, seriously green leaves are delish covered in all sorts of dressings and maybe a little cheese too. Ok so that was just the side dish, it's just as well I am only here for one week.

 Have I put on weight ?, well this jumper is a wee bit tight but I blame that on all our washing being put in the dryer, no washing lines outside here, mind you there is still a little snow and no wind at all so nothing would dry out doors!

Tonight we are going out to meet the family so that will be good fun, along with the last minuet arrival of a sister/bridesmaid as soon as the bus gets in from Pen State. The more family we see the better because we will all know each other at the wedding in the summer.

Bridesmaid's dresses are not 100% settled yet, no money has changed hands but I think we have a good idea of what the brides want and that is a big improvement from last Friday.

As I still hear listening to the exchange student talking in German on the phone to home, I feel that a lot of the time I struggle with English and he talks 4 or 5 languages inc latin, too much brains for one person. So its quiet normal for homes to host exchange students, not sure there is much of that in Scotland. Wonder how hard it would be to sign Megan up for a few years?

Nothing new in the shops here, CHA releases will be a long time in filtering down to the big multiple stores and by then I will be home in Scotland and have to make do with the wonderful offering at my local store for local people :)



Mau xx said...

Sounds like a Fab time been had by all :))
I am sure the jumper problem will be the dryers
Stay safe xxx Hugs Mau

Pat said...

Hey glad you got a taste of our fatty foods during your trip. I love the salad at Olive is soooo NOT healthy! hehehe! Have a safe trip back to Scotland! Hugs. Pat Frank

Pat said...
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Maria Therese said...

oh you have lots of fun over there ♥♥

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Jealous, moi! So love the Olive Garden and Michaels even more so. Glad you had a great time. Safe journey home.

Mau xx said...

Hi Kare, not sure what happened to my post last night, but Sounds like you have had a great time... I am sure the problem with the wee tight jumper will be the dryer's fault....well thats what I would be blaming
Safe travels xx

Junebugpins said...

So glad you have had a wonderful time....I love Olive Garden too...its that bread that will get you in
We are spoiled here in the USA by Michaels...I have to pop in once a week and get my
Safe travels over the pond~

Shazza said...

yes indeed your local store for local people has a wonderful array and I will be coming to browse next week!! Sounds like you are having a great time Karen, safe journey home x