Sketchy goings on

Happy New Year to you all.
I hope this new year brings many good things your way.

At the start of the year we all think about change. 
The things we want to achieve, bad habits we want to loose.
We look forward to the year with new hope that things will be better.

It's the same in business.
Retail is changing and the world is being ruled by the Internet.

For Sugar Nellie , there will be many changes this year.
Last year we costed along, falling behind and maybe taking our eyes off the ball.
2014 will see changes. It's essential to our survival.

New appointments both voluntary and paid.
New alliance with other companies, working together to be stronger.
New partnerships. Both designers and freelance artists.
A new look, everyone needs a make over.
Guests, we will be introducing you to new people all over the globe.
More digital for our customers far from home. 

Things we will not be tackling in 2014, shows, we just don't have the man or woman power to do these. But we can support anyone who wishes to take Sugar Nellie on a day out to their local shows.

One of the first things is our challenges, both The Sugar Bowl and the FaceBook group will under go changes. New blood is needed. A wider audience is required. A partnership with other challenge blogs which are not stamp brand connected would allow you twice as much entries for the one creation. After all, time is everyone's enemy.

Less looking and more doing. If I made a tiny percentage of the things I pin, I would be doing far more than I do now.

If you are connected with any challenges, craft companies, artist.... Who may like to work along side Sugar Nellie in 2014, let me know. I am not looking for spencer ship , more a partnership. There will be announcements as we tackle each new project but I am open to ideas.

I picked up this sketch challenge over on Pinterest. It's so much easier to create when you have some ground work in front of you rather than a blank page.

I would love to see Sugar Nellie cards appearing in other challenges.
Maybe we could mix it up a bit, sketches, themes and colours. 
Working to make your creativity go further.
Encourage you to ink up those Nellies.

Well I am not one to make new years promises. Nothing like setting yourself up to fail.
But these are my work related challenges for the year ahead.
I have no idea how much of it I will achieve, how successful it will be.
But I can only but try. God loves a trier.

Let me know yours thought. Leave me your comments. After all, I have been listening you you all for six years now. Sugar Nellie is about as small as you get and this business is led by customer demand. That's you! 

Happy New Year, best wishes all round.



Elaine said...

Happy New Year to you Karen, I hope it's happy, healthy and prosperous...along with some free time to get crafty and play rather than just PIN!

I totally depend on the internet for inspiration and also craft shopping as there are no bricks and mortar craft shops close to home, though I do love attending the odd craft show, if only to meet up with friends for a day I will make it up to Elgin, but I will give you plenty of notice (so you can run for the hills!)

When it comes to challenges I love a mix of themes, sketches, colours...I find it much more inspiring if I have a theme to follow. As for makeovers...I sure need a makeover myself! I'm thinking lipsuction to suck out all the fat which can then be used to fill in my wrinkles on my face..I don't need new foundation anymore, more like a trowel and polyfilla!
But a blog makeover is always good, new design, new faces and new stamp designers are always going to get the creative juices flowing!
I look forward to seeing what changes and challenges you bring to 2014.

Big hugs to you
Love Elaine xxx

Helen in the UK said...

I'm a newbie to Sugar Nellie, after finding them through a link on someone's blog late last year. Received my first 3 stamps just before xmas and inked the first one yesterday! I'm particularly drawn to the fairies and although I can use digital, I do prefer rubber stamps, so hope that you still continue to make them in 2014.
Best wishes for a great New Year :)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sugar Nellie were the first stamps I bought when I was introduced to stamping and I love them. I have been disappointed by the lack of new stamps, especially rubber. Digi is versatile but there is something about owning rubber and stamping an image. It has been sad to see the lack of entries for The Sugar Bowl. With Christmas I haven't had time to play yet but I enter every challenge often more than once and usually enter the FB one too. I would love to see SN become more popular again as you work so hard and have such gorgeous images you deserve it. I look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for SN. I never look at Pinterest, people say it is good but i don't have the time and I know I would waste time when I could be making. Happy New Year, hugs xx