Can you draw?

Hello everyone, thanks for reading my babble for today.

Yesterday was spent doing a lot of surfing, the lazy kind.

When SN begun 6 years ago, we soon had to reach out and find new artist. 

I spent several years searching for artist which, not only could draw but had a style that I thought would work well in the stamp world. I met lots of artist, many a delight to work with, no problems, great artwork, on time and clean images.
Some of our artist were more experienced than others, I have a drawer of rejected artwork, a costly mistake for me. 
The trial for finding , teaching, launching and promoting individual arts took its tole. I would put my heart into giving them the best start into the craft world but often had them, jump ship in search of bigger things. 
( I was almost tempted to take a restraining order out on one employee at a licensing agency who stalked everything I did and head hunted my finds! The big boys play dirty, real dirty!)
All this left me drained..
I still had  in house art but required more.
I started working with licensing agents that allowed me to cherry pick the art. 
Pay for it and get on with promoting my business. 
No artist involved, no training required. 
No divas to work with, oh yes I had one who turned into such a glory hunter it was unreal, and her art suffered once she stopped drawing for love and defiantly drew for money. Enough said.

Licencing came with the problem of supply and demand. I needed more than the artist was turning out. I would put my request in and wait 6 months before getting art sketches! 

This is why there has been a lack of art.

I have scoured the sites for new character to introduce to you. I have come up empty handed.

So I came up with a new idea.

Is there anyone out there who knows that they can draw. Has been sketching away on the quiet.
But does not know how to take the next step?

Do you know of a blog when you see great illustrations and wish these were available as stamps.?
How about typography, any skilled computer workers out there?

This search is worldwide.

Leave me a link in the comments and share your finds with me. You never know, this small business may plant the seed for something new to grow. You could help cultivate a new stamp artist!

In the mean time, I am off to contact and agency in Canada. Fingers crossed it proves fruitful.

Take care

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