Down Under

I come from a land down under.....

One of my favourite teen songs.

Australia is a strong market for us, but you girls are so far away. Digital is great for long distance sugar addicts and I love to see you all creating with our sweet designs.

But, with the launch of so many images as digital. I thinks it's time for some guest design team members from far away lands.

If you are far far away from us here in the UK. Let me know if you would like to be our guest.
Usually terms apply, guest spots are monthly, quarterly or just for a new product launch.
Digital stamps will be supplied for your own use.
Just comment with your blog address and I will pop over and see your work.

New addicts are especially welcome to apply, after all it's about spreading the addiction to new sweet toothed crafters.

I have plans to welcome lots of new faces on this blog, let me know if you would like to take part and for thi post....come from a land down under.

Best wishes

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