Saturday catch up

Good morning sugar addicts. I hope this week has been kind to you and a little Rest and relaxation is planned for this weekend.

Myself and the DT are excited to be welcoming some new faces to the Sugar Nellie Family very soon.
The Kit & Clowder competition closes this weekend and we will not only be giving away a class but also a guest DT spot.

Fiona is also bringing back the Sweeties, they are selection of sugar addicts carefully chosen to take part and promote our monthly challenge.  With only one card a month required, the store discount given to sweeties is a very sweet incentive. But the love of our stamps is always first and foremost.

At the start of the year I had a few different project on my desk. Mainly working together with our small business in the craft world. Firstly there was Scrapberry which brought delightful images in clear format at fantastic prices. ( there are more to come soon).

Next we hope to have the new Sugar Nellie Toppers from Hobby House, were are just waiting for Jill to run these off so we can see what a great job her team have made of colouring these up.

Lastly, I received an email out of the blue from a lady who's digital art I had admired. Working in digital, rubber is a completely different costing and required more time and work to produce. Sugar Nellie has never been one for fancy packaging, it's all about the quality of art for us. After all I would rather spend money on great art than fancy packaging. Look at the prices we can retail at compared to others this becomes clear . I also choose real rubber for the sharpest , cleanest image.

 I may not think it but I have learnt an lot in the last 8 years. I know that I have guided many others within the stamp world but yet do not see my self as a professional within this industry. I have not worked as hard as I could and not as hard as many others who have done great things, made big contracts and grown their business at a fast rate. When I started Sugar Nellie I think we ran off 20 of each stamp. At our peek we ran off 300 each. Now we have been take over by digital and find that it is a limited niche market for rubber.  So I was delighted that we have been asked to make some new images in rubber which will also be available as digital. This is going to be great fun, especially when we can bring the two DT together to promote these new images.


But for today it's back to our competition . Here are the entries received from Andrea @ who has always been a great support from the early days and is guilty of spoiling us with hand made sugary goodness. Her love of our Scottish stamps has give her three entries!

Thank you Andrea and all the girls who have entered. Good luck to you all.

For everyone else, have a great weekend and I will be back next week with the results.

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Sue said...

This all sounds so exciting!
I ADORE all the stamps and digis you offer and am so pleased to hear that you have more coming. Also, I am thrilled to see the challenge will be returning.
A couple of people have suggested I apply for the DT so I will be adding my entry on Monday and keeping my fingers crossed!
Sue xx