Wednesday stand in

Hello folks
It's not even the weekend and you have to read my babble.
But things are being shaken up a bit this week, you'll get Fiona on Saturday.

If you are in the UK you know that Scotland once again was hit by floods,  yes we are right bang in the middle of it all! Flip flops were exchanged for winter boots and my feet ached after only a day.

So with the crafting weather coming early, the shop was busier than I expected. Christmas stock is slowly arriving but nothing ground breaking. Lots of pretty papers and a few new Christmas stamps but the best of the rest we have ear marked for classes.

One more show this week, tomorrow we will all go to The Grantown Show. It's Megan's 12Th birthday so she's not delighted with the planned day out. Mini farmer will hope to once more move up the ranks of the judges. Fingers crossed he ends his first season on a high.

The faulty two digital stamps from Furry Friends, parachute jump & wrapped up have been re loaded and checked out.
There has been a rush of Gorjuss girls being sent to Brazil ? The selection gets smaller every week, the decision to buy up all the Personal Impression range when their licence expired, may have seen us with cupboards full of Gorjuss stamps but they are slowly going down and many have never been re licenced. We may even re run our original art from Suzanne as there are a good few we sold out of a long time ago. Or we could look are remaking them in clear. Once the school goes back on Tuesday, normality will resume. 

On my desk soon will be more Furry Friends, some new art from our County Cousin artist and a new partnership with a UK stamps company. There is so much up my sleave that my cuffs don't tie!
Thats all for me today, catch you on Sunday.
Take care


Marianne's Craftroom said...

All sounds exciting stuff coming up. Saw that Oyster Stamps are now teaming up with Scrap Berry.Stay dry x

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Ooh all sounds so exciting Karen, except for the floods! We've had flooding in the North of New Zealand too, so can empathise with that. I'm so looking forward to the Spring blossoms and warmer days! Excited to see what's up your sleeves. Hugs, Wends x