What a week!

Its been some week, lots of things crossed off the long list of things needing done.

I am delighted with the launch of Furry Friends, our design team have done as steller job of show casing those images. Always fantastic quality work from the girls, I get amazing support from them and     
could not to it with them. Thank you girls!

And of course you, our lovely loyal customers, there would be no point of any new stamp if you did not love them too. I am looking forward to seeing all your creation for the competition.

Both my daughters were at weddings this weekend, Aberdeen and Chicargo, I hope they both had a lovely time.

After two years laying empty, the Glasgow flat was put on the market. 
Katie sold her car.
My patio was finished bring on the BBQ weather.
harvest started,but  happy farmer knows that there is bad weather coming ( that's because the patios ready)
Work to repair my bathroom floor may see the room getting total re furnished, good bye old bath tub. 
We attended the Black Isle show, my son James 15 , has just this year taken the reigns, or should that be halter, and prepared a young calf for showing. He was happy with this show, getting placed better than the last and there is one more show to go this summer. 

It was hard to leave the farm on Thursday to attend the Black Isle because the farm dog had puppies! Four when we left and an extra one when we got home. Five collie pups. Megan will be 12 next week and she is absolutely over the moon. The poor mum does not get any peace but she is taking it well.

With all this going on, I did very few hours at work. I could not fix the problem with the two digital stamps while in the office Monday, that is my priority this week.

I took a big step too this week and put an offer in for a new business, my friends are having fun at my expense already, but I feel calm, confident and full of idea's on what could be done. More on this later as the legals have not been finalised but my brain is busy busy busy.


I was disappointed to hear the Stampavie have closed their doors. I remember when it started,( I remember it head hunting Rachel Anne Miller from me.) And yet for all that, this big French company who took Sarah Kaye Stamps to us all,  are going to be missed.
On discussing this with other stamp companies , the most important statement said, was...

"Digital has killed off rubber and sharing will kill off digital"
I believe this to be true. I know it's happening, in one country more than the others. Crafters are noted for using images they did not buy, some have even been known to enter into DT calls with stolen images!  

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend. let me see your cards as soon as your done. The competition is open for the month of August, you have time to make more than one.
Take care


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow you are busy. So sorry to hear about Stampavie. I hope what they say isn't true. There are many crafters who don't use digis though but I like both. LOTV get ever more popular and they only do rubber so I don't see them disappearing. Judging by the sales of stamps at shows there are a lot of people who want them myself included. I do think it a shame that people will share digis, not playing the game at all, but of course no way for companies to stop it. Have a good weekend x

Ann Marie Governale said...

I agree and it is a scary thought! Facebook and Pinterest are contributing to the spread of illegal sharing of images, both rubber and digital! Until copyright laws and internet or social media enforce copyright protection, artists will have to shut down shop as they lose sales to people who are knowingly using images illegally or those ignorant of copyright laws and protocol. Very sad as I, too, love Sarah Kay images.

Elaine said...

I am a rubber girl through and through! Now hubby has an all singing all dancing printer I can at long last use digis...but still there's nothing I love more than getting new rubber in the mail!

A new venture? I wonder what that is? Maybe I could hazard a guess after seeing your Pins!!