SOS - pulling pints

Good morning Sugar Addicts, the sun is shining and it's a fine day here in the north east of Scotland.
This week has been manic, my brain is mince after all the paperwork, licences, contracts and forms to be filed. But we got there and with only two members of staff I was left short this week.

I had to fill a few shifts myself. Working in a lounge bar is something I did for a very short time a long long time ago. The drinks were not the issue, as most folks will tell you where to find thier favourite tipple. The big culture shock came with the language in the public bar. I did have to remove my youngest from hovering.

Today I have open house for close friends, a wee look about and an exchange of ideas before I start knock the place to bits. Still struggling to get someone to fit a wood burning stove, all the local business as booked up into next year. It was the one thing I promised myself after the last two premises have not been what you would call cozy.

I had better have a quick run around and to some housework before heading down the cost. Even hubby is coming down today to see what's what. There are no lodgers in at the weekend so it's also time to change around the rooms. Making beds was never my strong point. I'm Learning lots of new skills in this job.

Have a peaceful weekend


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