SOS - this could be a long one

Yes indeed, as I start a new project, my sharing with you on a Sunday may go on for months and months!

In less than a week I collect the keys to a new business. Something totally unrelated to crafting but I don't think there is any more I can or want to do within the crafting world.

This chapter is completely new and totally out of my comfort zone.
One of the first things I had to do was sit a test for a city and guilds personal licence. That makes me the responsible one in the building when it comes to over seeing the sale of alcohol. Yikes!

Let's break it down a bit.

Firstly I went looking for a house to rent, but the monthly rent did not give me a great return, still far more than anything the bank could offer but, for me it still was looking good.
So I got distracted by a small hotel, room rental added up to more than a house, the price was about the same and here is the bonus, it had a public bar which was running well.
So I am soon to be a land lady and a publican!

In a small costal village near to where i stay, 5 minuets away. There were actually two village hotels for sale, the old fashioned pub with rooms that every village has. Totally out dated and dying s slow death.
I choose the smaller of the two, and then looked at all my options.

I was looking at the rental rooms, six plus another three within the owners accommodation.
The public bar worked well and had it's regulars.
The lounge bar, dinning room and kitchen were un used.

Then the brain starts working....
What about the lounge, could it be updated and could you bring back clientele.
What food would you have to offer in order to get a great name.

So many questions and lots and lots of potential.

But as this story unfolds, we will take it step by step.

I get the keys tomorrow,  I need local bar staff and the search is already on for a chef or good cook.
I'll get a right good look at everything and I am sure change my mind several times over. I am not under any pressure but don't want to miss out on Christmas trade.
It's going to be a learning curve but a challenge and fingers cross , it's one I will enjoy.
Catch up,next week and see if I am any nearer finding staff.
Enjoy your weekend


Mau xx said...

The crafting world will be the sadder for losing you Karen :( but what a great adventure for you, I wish you every success in your new venture xx
Hugs Mau xx

Elaine said...

You're always up for a challenge Karen! And I'm certain that you will turn it into a profitable business (I drool at all your Pins, exactly my kind of food!) Wishing you the best of luck with your new venture.
Love Elaine xxxx

Jane said...

Wow what a great new adventure, good luck x

Fiona said...

wow you are going to be mega busy but exciting times ahead!! All the best in your new venture. xxx

verybellemakes said...

Sounds like a great adventure is just beginning! Good luck, can't wait to see how your week goes :)

Shazza said...

wow Karen how exciting. Wishing you every luck and look forward to visiting when you are up and running x

mixamatoasties said...

Wow. Never one to do things by halves eh! Lots of luck. Xx

Nancy Thomas said...

Sounds like an exciting new chapter in your life. I wish you the best.

Shona Hamill said...

Wow exciting times ahead for you Karen very best of luck with your new venture. I'll definitely come for a visit once you have everything up and running as I'm not far away in Inverness. Shona xx

Helene E said...

Oooh, sounds really exciting, a bit of a dream come true. Hope everything goes well

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow what an adventure. Good luck, look forward to more updates and pics too please

Sheila said...

Come on spill the beans. Tho I don't live locally anymore I know the area like the back of my hand. Good luck with your seaside venture x

craftyb said...

Wow - your mind must be on overdrive!! a little hotel, accommodation, so perhaps the perfect spot for crafty weekends.....? wishing you the best of luck for your new venture!!x

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Wow Karen, that's amazing! Good luck with that venture. Hope you watched a few episodes of the Hotel Inspector, good advice from a business woman in the industry. Worth a google for some old episodes. Hope this turns out to be a winner for you. Hugs, Wends x

Lesley said...

Wow, sounds like loads of exciting times ahead, I wish u all the best I'm sure u will be fab xx