Ssshhhhh don't say it out loud

But it's defiantly looking like the season for all things crafty to move up a notch. 
Cards, calendars, gifts and home decorations are being pinned for more and more ideas at this time of years. 

As I browser the web it's nice to find something a little different. I'm taking a trip to visit Debbie and Tom for thanksgiving and need to plan my pressies in advance. I have several home decor ideas which will go well on there new home, but I also thought that this would be ideal.

This would give them a lovely selection of decorations for their tree or even a twig branch in a vase should look lovely with some classic hanging decorations. I might have a rummage around the house and turn something into a Scottish heirloom. Might even throw in some tiny toys, those things that your forever standing on in the kids bedroom. I'm sure I could find some of Debbie's old junk about.
A little ribbon and wire, a few beads and I think I could come up with something in a neutral tone that she could put away every year and remember a little of past times.

That's all for me today.
Hope you have a great weekend

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