Competition time

We here at the sugar warehouse feel that our blog does not look as good as it should, no one is blog savvy enough to do anything about it but we thought that one of you girls out there would like to do it for us :) how about a little competition?

SO if you are good with computers and would like a bumper lot of Sugar Nellie Candy, we will give the winning entry one of each of the first release of H & S Stamps. Make us a new fabby header for our blog and send it to

You may have noticed a new back ground, this will not necessarily stay as we will match it into the header once we choose one. I was just playing around :)


Donalda's Blog said...

Oh man I will do anything like that for candy lol Not the greatest but will sure give it a shot dear. lol

Bubbles said...

Boo...Hoo... (sobbing into tissues!) I would so love love love the candy you are offering, but sadly am no good with computers :0(
Good luck to those who are!
Joanne x

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hello. Please tell me until when we can send you our blog headers. Will the dotty background be the new one with brown and pink as their colours?

Jay Jay

Donalda's Blog said...

Well I have finished my banner for you dear, like I said I am not the greatest at psp but just had to give it a shot for you dear.
Hope you like it. BANNER

Jo said...

is this candy still open?? take a look at mine to see what you can do!

I'll do you one to see if you like it!

Jo x

~* Donna *~ said...

Well i finally managed to get around to getting this done today, I had so much fun playing with this, also with my sugar nellie stamps of course you can find a "sample" of my workHere

I have also emailed you the images for a better look.