Cyber Police

I want to say a big thank you the the girls who take time to tell on naughty crafters, some people just cant help being naughty but when it spoils thing for other then it is just not right.

I have said enough about the angel policy before and not to condon selling stamped images but now I hear that crafters just lift the pre coloured images from the web site and print it to make their cards. These naughty crafters should be ashamed to promote cards on their blogs that they have "made" when clearly they stole the image. Shame on you and if I receive a tip off to a naughty crafter I will link to them and let them show the world how "crafty" they are. :(

Gladly they are few and far between and we are surrounded by lovely Sugar Babes who have enjoyed the open forum for the last week. I have decided to leave it be for now as it does not look like our new home is ready yet. There are a few candy prizes to be given out and a swap to complete so for now it stays. Needless to say Hanglar Stangar news will be here and in the forum.

Thank you all too for the many emails we receive, we do not have time to answer them all but try to bring the information you want here on the blog. Thank you girls your support and humour is very much appreciated.


Poppet said...

some people are just so naughty, i honestly cannot believe that people would do this...

Love Pops x x x

Anonymous said...

That is truly shocking, I can't believe people do that!! x

Emma said...

Name and shame! I cannot believe people do that. I wouldn't mind if the stamps were horrendously expensive but they are really cheap! If they are that desperate for the image why don't they image swop with someone else....grrrrrrrrr.
(ps...I'll be in next week for a craft fix!)

Marlene said...

I think those people should be on the smack blog! unbelievable!!

Karen said...

I appreciate your angel policy in being able to sell hand-stamped images but can't believe people would do that. I design as well and will have no hesitation in taking action against someone who steals my work. In fact, as I live in France, businesses have to have public liability insurance so I paid the bit extra to have legal cover as well for that reason. Sad it has to be such an issue.

~* Donna *~ said...

oh my , not being funny why on earth would people do that? the stamps arnt expensive and you can do so much more with the stamps!
Stupid people have no sense or morals.

its as bad as when you see stamped images on auction sites, where they offer 1 image of each, which makes you wonder then later on you see that people have Scanned in the image and printed it to save themselves money!

*rolls eyes*

Lim said...

Wow. That's really bad. I'm shocking. I saw in eBay people selling stamped images of magnolia or Penny Black. Until now I never see images of Sugar Nellie, but I will keep my eyes open.


Macpurp said...

there is being naughty and stealing! shame on them !

Taavjax said...

" crafters just lift the pre coloured images from the web site and print it to make their cards."

Riight -so why are they called crafters then ? Selecting which stamps to buy,the smell of stazon ,getting mucky fingers and not getting the finished topper correct the first time around is all part of the fun!
Right click save as -print ,stick is as much fun as a trip to the dentist! I won't rant but other than the obvious issues they are missing out.Thats sad

Nikki said...

I hope you can get this sorted.. I resorted to a special package that doesn't allow right clicks on my images..

Some people just don't realise the hard work that goes into the designing but also that of the website.

I agree, name and shame..

Luelle said...

This is unbelievable OMG !!! How easily people want to rip others off and deceive clients as to what they are truly receiving I feel sorry for the end recipient who will be able to the beautiful designs that blood sweat and tears have gone into (not to mention lots of money developing brand and putting into production!!!), but unfortunately may not be able to see it properly as the cheap paper these people use curls up and obscures half of it !.
Sorry dont mean to rant but the cheek of it just beggars belief xxx