Christmas Post

I hope by now that most of you have posted you cards and gifts for the season ahead. (give your self a pat on the back, well done, you are on track to a perfect Christmas..hahaha)

In the UK we have one postal system and it works OK 99% of the time.
But having had a long chat with Tracy over at Funkykits about general matters to do with posting and the changes that will be made in 2009, unlucky Dutch girls have three postal systems and a nightmare when it comes to delivery times and lost packets. The USA is about 2 weeks normally and with the pound being so bad we have a lot of international customers taking advantage of the exchange rate while its so good for them.

So with that in mind, please order early if you want a little sugar under your tree, why put it off until tomorrow and risk not getting it in time, if you know what you want order it now because I hate to have any disappointed Sugar Babes out there.
Funkykits have had a backlog of orders since last weeks new releases, I am told that everything will be update by end of business today, giving those sweet little packets time to get anywhere in the world right? well that all depends on your postal system.
To be fair, the post office is the only business on the UK high street that is having a boom time this year, no cut price offers there, lines out the door and no entertainment while you wait.

As we find ourselves busy too, getting stock ready for both Funkykits and Imagination Craft (who have three shows in the UK come January, I will list those nearer the time.) and to have to work around holidays etc its a time of year we though would be QT but you keep us all busy :)
had better get on with my list of jobs today, no rest for the wicked right.............. but hey Santa, I have been good *wink*


Alison said...

I ordered the my stamps and got them delivered 2 days later now that is fantastic service, especially as i live on an island. First class service as always.

Lim said...

You are so funny. :)

Jeanette said...

You have been the very nicest of girls this year. I am in Canada and have been so happy with the service and speed of delivery I have with Funky Kits. In fact, it is faster for me to get things from you than it is to get my packages from the U.S. You are the very best and I can't wait until it is my turn to be a Guest Sugar Babe. Being in group "C" has taught me lessons in patience. Let Santa know I've been good too! Hugs Jeanette

Rosette said...

You're a busy bee indeed :)