twas the night before Christmas.....

The house of sugar is now closed for the holidays, online orders at Funkykits will be dealt with when someone is in town but the store is closed for the next three days and everything we need to do can be done from home now that my Internet is working :) No the fabby Internet chap did not come out, although he would have if I had asked because hes nice like that, no it was a simple case of plugging the phone line back into the modem !

I have been really bad at taking pictures of all the lovely cards and gifts which we have been sent, but today I found this, Jo sent us this card and it is stunning and a great way to make one stamp work for Christmas too.

I am waiting to be let in the back door of SCS so that I can start setting up our own little sweet spot, I hope to be joined by many Sugar Babes in January and I am sure it will all be a big BIG for me to start with but I am keen to learn. I have no idea who is who in the world of SCS and I am sure that I will take everyone as I find them and as each and every stamper is important it is great to venture over there and be totally blind as to who is a "celebrity stamper". There is a swap going on with images if you want to take a look, Sugar Nellie do not allow the sale of stamped images as you know but swaps are OK in small numbers :)

Best wishes for tomorrow, have fun , take pictures and enjoy.


Donalda's Blog said...

Can't wait for the New Year dear and for the challenge blog and SCS. WIll be looking forward to it.
Merry Christmas dear Sugar Nellie's and A Happy New Year

Lim said...

Like Donalda.. I can't wait either..
I wish you the best for next year. Thank you for the lovely stamps you bring to us this year...

retiredheather said...

So glad you are joining SCS. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday.