Sugar overload

B:Quixotic; recieved

B:Miranda : recieved

B;Ethel recieved

B;Deb; recieved

B:Madge; recieved

posting out you GUEST DT packs :)

Leanne Ellis candy all three packs ready to go :)

Dutch Candy, OOPPPS I should have linked to your comment as there are a lot of girls with the same name....OK I will send to Daan, all 3 Conny and 2 Angelique.............ready to post.

I am missing adress from tanja and Maudy who left a comment for the candy too.

candy for our lovely followers thank you girls I have all your addresses now


Deb said...

Oooooh, I will be stalking the postie from now!!! thank you!

leann said...

I've been playing with the gorgeous Blossom ~ I love her!

You can have a peek here :)


Damn, why is my name not Daan or Angelique or Conny or Tanja but just plain JOLANDA. :(

Congratulations girls! Have fun with your rubber :)

Macpurp said...

oooh are the Leanne stamps in now??????
tina fae down the road!

Angelique said...

thank you very much for the stamp! I got it with the postman today!! And I like it very much!! thank you again!!