Sweet smell of cinnamon

...............well there would be if we had a match!

The lovely Gayle sent a very heavy gift in the post, a huge yummy Christmassy Cinnamon candle in a jar, thank you Gayle its lovely and would smell beautiful on the desk if I could find a light! I will ask the next person who enters the house of sugar if they can light my candle for me ;) * sings come on baby light my fire* ha ha ha

We have been sent lots of lovely things this past week and I have picture to load on of gifts and thank your from Sugar Babes, you are all so very thoughtful when at a time of year you will have more than enough to do for your nearest and dearest, but still you think of us, bless you sweet stamping hearts. A big thank you also to girls who send us pictures of their cards, we love the fact that you love sugar nellie, we are very proud of our little stamp company, I hope that you all join in with the challenges over at the SUGAR BOWL and enjoy the fun and games with the teams/sweeties. I leave it all in Gayles hands, www.sugarbowlblog.blogspot.com

Marlene is off to the sun, what no crafting over Christmas! Have a great time Marlene and we will catch you when you come home.

I have no Internet at home again, bad under ground phone lines so I have a lot of catching up to do, a prize to sort out for the SUGAR BOWL and picture to find for SCS banners, OMG I cant do technical stuff.
I am off for a few days myself to collect #1 sugar babe from Glasgow and bring her home for Christmas. Then she will have to put her apron on and cut up rubber as there are a few things happening in the new year that requires a delivery of rubber.....................

Funkykits so live on SCS as the online retailer for Sugar Nellie world wide.
Imagination craft have a few craft show to attend in the UK in January
Papercrafts have an advert running in Craft Stamper with the first phone in order line for those who miss all the sugar because they do not have a computer.
Gorjuss girls arrive in the house of sugar.

I hope that the last minuet rush to provide your family with the Christmas they expect does not stress you out, after all Christmas is what you make of it, big and flashy or small and peaceful, the choice is yours. Take care.


Gayle said...

You're very welcome! (note to self, next time add a lighter!)
I'll have a small & peaceful Christmas please...
Too much excitement is not good for me, and by the sound of it...I have lots coming in the New Year!
Gayle x

Alison said...

Wishing All at "The House of Sugar" a wonderful Christmas.

Emma said...

I saw and smelt the candle yesterday....and its scrummy!

retiredheather said...

Your life is so busy. I hope you and your family have the Christmas of your dreams. I love being a sugar babe and can`t wait to see what happens in 2009.
Happy Holidays

Wendalyn said...

I made a card using one of my new stamps I just love them. You can see it on my blog...