Tiets has her own club

Did you know that?

Yesterdays card was designed by Tiets and on having a little read of here blog, link on the right, she also has her own craft community on the web, great if you speak Dutch, but I dont. Sorry girls I would have loved to come in and say hello but cant, so today i want to give a great big HELLO to all the girls over in Holland who take in


I notice you have new wallpaper, last time I looked it was a gourjuss girl, OMG how weird was that! Memebers of Tiets club please leave me a comment I have some rubber to give to my Dutch Sugar Babes :)


alina said...

Hello there, I'm one of those Dutch girls who is member of the club! It's a pleasure to be there, unfortunately I have a very busy job, I can't leave there a message every day, but I really enjoy every moment that I spend on the club, I just have to stop by, even if there is for five minutes!
It was a pleasure to be here also! Have a lovely day!
Hugs, Alina

Tiets said...

woww how nice of you to tell about my club overhere...I've told my members about it and hopefully they come over here... but there are some who don't speak and write english!! and I tell you a little secret, the club will be in Gorjuss style,after christmas time again!!!

femke said...

hello to the DT of sugarnellie,

I'm a member of Tiets her club. you can find me there under the name femke_grumpy. I want to thank you all for giving us the chance to win a sugernellie stamp. I dónt have any so it would be fun to win one some day.

greetings femke

Angelique said...

I will say something about tiets to You: She's a really nice, good women who always help you where she can!! She's really just a good friend who will listen to your stories, good or bad, all the time!! A fabulous women!!! I like her cards very much and she has al the time very great ideas!!! In one word she's a SUPER women!!!

Conny said...

Hello, the first thing I do after a day off work is look on Tiets site, talke a little in the forum and look to all the new cards off that day. She's verry active, that makes that I return every day again. Thanks Tiets

The Paper Lady said...

HI, I am English and a member of Tiets club! Nearly everyone here in Holland speaks or understands English so don't be afraid to leave a comment; they will read it!!! It is a great club and Tiets is a super lady who has so much talent with it!!
I love stamping and any chance to add another gorgeous one to my collection just has to be taken!

Maudy said...


I'm a member of Tiets club. I saw the link to this site. I just want to say that I love your work. Sorry my Englisch isn't that good, but i will give it a tray :-). I see a lot of inspiration at your site, which can help me to grow further.

Thank you verry much
Kind regards,
Maudy from the netherlands

luckykinderen said...

hoi ik ben lid van tiets haar club en het is een gezellige club met leuke wedstrijden en mooie kaarten en gezellige mensen

luckykinderen said...

ja een erg gezellig clubje met mooie kaarten en leuke wetstrijden erg gezellig ik ben net lid van tiets haar club maar het is erg leuk

Marian said...

Tiets has a wonderfull club.
On the club you can see many scrapcards,sketches and workshops.
With much pleasure I am a member of this club

Daan said...


What a kind thought, I am a member from Tiets her communnity, at the moment I am very busy with order things, but I can say she and her helpers doing everything for the members.

Lots of fun workshops, ideas, sketches. And the gives great prizes for the winners.

Tiets go on with your great communnity

Hugs Daan

jannie said...

erge moie kaarten staan er op de blog en ik vind de stempels tof helemaal mij stempels doeg jannie therra

Jeanet said...

YESSSSSSSS I am a member of her fantastic club with almost 1500 members !!I hope wil stay a long time member of it , when you speak Englisch you can also be a member so give it a try !!!

yvd said...

I am a Dutch girl and member of Tiets her community (or group, I don't know how you called that in English, sorry my English is not as well as my Dutch, hi hi) And in mine opinion her cards are beautifull and so I hope she will continue with it for a long time!!!!!
bye, Yvonne

Claudia7 said...

What I like about the blog from Tiets is that there are tutorials so that I can learn to make such lovely cards too!
You must be a member to look at the tutorials. So I became a member of her craft community.

Conny said...

I'm Conny (Coshamel on Tiets' club) one of the almost 1500 members of Tiets' club. My English is not so good, but I give it a try. Tiets has a great club! She has also a great team who's helping her.They make very beautiful examples and you can learn a lot of them!Everything you want to know you can aks Tiets and her team (and the members!)
Tiets and team...... go so on!
By the way......this is a great blog!
Hugs, Conny

Conny said...

I'm Conny (Coshamel on Tiets'Club)one of the almost 1500 members of Tiet'club. My English is not so good, but I give it a try. Tiets has a great club! She has also a great team who's helping her.They make very beautiful examples and you can learn a lot of them!Everything you want to know you can aks Tiets and her team (and the members!)
Tiets and team...... go so on!
Hugs, Conny

annemarie said...

well i'm firts, I've been a member of Tiets club since september this year and i love it, there are lots of contests and we all can show our cards. i hope we can go on for years

annemarie xx

linnes said...

I am a member of Tiets club, there are some real talented ladies at her club, and sure you can come in and say hello! Most of the members speak English too, or at least read Hello ;))
And I think it is really nice of you to give away some rubba

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you don't speak Dutch but we love to welcome you! Thank you for this post on your blog and offcourse I like to make a chance for the awesome Sugar Nellie Stamps!

Hugs, Sandra

tanja said...

hallo ken tiets al wat jaren en door haar ben ik over gehaald of eerlijk gezegd aan gestoken om te gaan scrappen haha altijd als ik het tijdschrift cards only koop haal ik zonder te kijken tiets haar kaarten eruit ,je zie het kwa vormgevingen en kleuren kennis dus tiets blijf ons inspireren met al je mooie werkjes op scrap gebied gr tanja nickname tanjabb

Yvonne Hageman said...

This is another Dutch girl, member of the club from Tiets, and although you don’t speak/write Dutch… please leave a message at the great club from Tiets! Making cards is a worldwide thing and doesn’t speak any language
Greetings, Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm also a member of Tiets club.
She's amazing all the things she's doing for her club and members and she makes wonderfull cards.With her team she's have a great club!
Tiets is a good woman with her heart on the right place that's a quote we say in dutch.

Big Hugs Trudy

fluwelenvoetjes said...

Hello everyone, I am member of Tiets too :-)It is a very nice club where you can get a lot of ideas of how to make a card. You can also ask questions, there's always someone who will help you. Tiets always organizes some very nice competitions and challenges. I think she has a wonderfull club with always a listening ear for everybody and everything!
bye bye, Anita (my nickname is @nita40)

Anita knutselgek said...

Ook ik ben lid van Tiets haar cluppie.
het ontbreekt me helaas aan tijd om er aktief mee te doen.
maar zekers de moeite waard om er heen te gaan hoor.

groetjes anita

Christa said...

Hello there, I am a member of club
I can read Dutch and I can tell you that Tiets's blog is wonderfull. There are allways many things to see and to do, and there is always something new. I visit the blog very often and i love it. You can even leave your problems there and there are always people who sympathize. Tiets, her crew and the members became my friends. And friends are important to me.

Greeting, Christa Akkerboom


Hi there.
I'm one of Tiets girls, although I'm mostely a reader than a poster :)

I find Tiets increadable, she makes such nice cards.
Hope to meet her in real sometimes!!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win some rubber :)

rosalien said...

How nice to give some rubber stamps away to members of here club. :)) I am a member but not that active at the moment.I hope to have more time in 2009. It's verry hectic here at the moment.
She has a great club with many activities.


anneke said...

I am also a member of the club of Tiets
I like to win a stamp, ho knows

dochters said...

Hai I am A Member of the Club From Tiets a little time now
She make beautiful cards you dont know how
She is a lady with a big heart
you can tell here everthing for fun or for smart
The club from Tiets is the best
Better than all the rest !!!

Gr Cora

Ria said...

Hahahaha it is a large group of cardmaking girlies ;)
And I am proud to be one of them. Wish I could spend more time with them!
My name at Tiets Kaartenclub is DragonMagic ;)

what a sweet and generous person you are to offer some rubber :)
hugs Ria

Sylvia said...

Hello Everyone,

I'm also a member of Tiets her club, my name is Sylvia, and my nickname Creavlinder.
It's a very nice club, with people that have the same hobby, making allot of cards. Every one has her or his own style.
Not only Dutch people but a lot of deferend other people from other Country's are a member of her club.
When you have got a chance, visite Tiets here club, and me by you want to be a member ;).

Greetings and big Huggs

Wilma said...

Ik zie dat nederlandse berichten ook geplaatst worden dus dan kan ik gelukkig ook reageren...want mijn engels is very slecht!

Ik ben ook lid bij Tiets al vanaf de 1e dag dat ze de club begon en heb er geen moment spijt van gehad heb ontzettend veel geleerd in al die jaren en Tiets staat altijd voor iedereen klaar...en verwend ons iedere keer weer met mooie workshops,tips enz...dus ik vind haar in 1 woord GEWELDIG!!!!

groetjes Wilma

José said...

Yes, I'm a member of Tiets club. I always look everyday on her club and I get a lot of inspiration. Only the time is my enemy.

Anita said...

Hallo stempelaars en scrappers.

Ja ook ik kom graag op de club van Tiets, supers gewoon. Je kan er de mooiste kaartjes bewonderen en ideeen op doen. Een aanrader dus.
Ook hier is het genieten zeg....'ben een echte stempelaar en ga hier eens gezellig verder snuffelen....

Nou ik ben(was) de eerste dus meisjes....zet um op en zet *onze* Tiets eens in de zon.

Warme groetjes van (anita 01) Anita Izendoorn Succes met deze spntane actie.

AtelierCreaWorld said...

Hi everyone,
I'm a big fan of Tiets her work, a member of her Club and I'm collecting the magazines in which she's publishing her work...gorgeous work and at the Club there's always place to ask how they make such beautiful work.
My compliments to Tiets!!!


Riky said...

ja ook ik ben lid van de club van Tiets, regelmatig neem ik een kijkje,maar ik moet toegeven dat ik te weinig plaats.

justme71 said...

Hey there, I'm a member of Tiets club. Just a week or two. And I enjoy it very much. It's a very active and fun club with nice challanges. I chech it out every day to see if there is something new, and most of the time there is.
All the girls, dutch or not should go visit her club (and then will become a member on the spot.)
With love from Apeldoorn (Holland) Joke Bosveld. (Justme71)

Bethanne said...

Tiets, what a beautiful blog you have...your creations are amazing! And what a nice group of ladies you have in your club!

My father-in-law is Dutch...maybe I can get him to translate some things for me when he comes to visit next month! : )

CrazyCuteCards said...

And another Dutchie over here and one of the members of 'Kaarten maken met Tiets'. I really like the club from Tiets. All the wonderfull cards she and the other members make with those cute stamps of Sugar Nelly and other factory.

So Tiets keep going on with giving us so much inspiration.

Monique (Florentine)

Lia said...

I'm a Dutch girl too and I'm a member from the club of Tiets from the first time. She's a amazing girl, with many gorgeous, wonderful ideas. Her sketches are always beautiful, so but at least go to her club and find many inspiration.I'm really sure that you can find it .
Hugs Lia

Claudia said...

wow, what a nice blog. That we save in favorites ... and what a fun action! Love, Claudia Roubos

piwee said...

ja ook ik ben 1 van de vele leden van tiets der cluppie en kan wel engels lezen maar niets schrijven dus dan in het nederlands het is een geweldige cluppie echt de moeite waard om lid te zijn ben er een paar jaar geleden lid van geworden en het was er heel gezellig en leuke workshops en voorbeelden maar toen ben ik er een jaar weg geweest omdat ik niet meer cluppte maar kon het niet laten en ben weer lid geworden en geniet van alle workshops en mooie kaarten die voorbij komen op de site echt top!
groetjes petra

belinda said...

Hi, another member of Tiets her club ;-) It's a realy nice club with lots to do. En Tiets, she makes wonderfull things, I love to see what she does with your gorgeous new stamps :D! So Tiets and team, keep up the good stuff ;)!

Wolf said...

I've only been a member of Tiets' club for about a month and I'm new to stamping and cardmaking. Tiet's and all the girls in the club have wonderful. I'm not able to spend much time there right now, but after the new year I'll be around much more. It's very nice of you to promote the club here. :)

anja said...

whow what a oner for tiets,she is a very lovely person and thanks to you to let us in a paosition to let uw win something.
yes i'm also a member of the club from tiets.
for now i wisch you al ready happy hollidays.
m.b.r Anja bruynen

diana said...

ben een van de vele leden van Tiets haar clubje en dit is de 4de berichtje die ik hier probeer te plaatsen.
Het is een erg leuke club met een warm hart voor allen die het nodig heeft. hoop er nog jaren plezier van te hebben.

Tiets said...

Oh my gosh, I'm blushing all over...thanks everyone for all your kind words..it feels good to know you all are so happy with everything we do on the club! Now in dutch-
jeetje meiden ik bloos ervan zeg al jullie lieve woorden... heel erg bedankt enne fijn te weten dat jullie het zo naar jullie zin hebben op de club hoor.!!
Hugs/liefs Tiets xxx

Maj said...

Hoi Tiets.
Wat een kei gave blog heb je gemaakt!!!
Ik ben lid van je club onder de nicknaam m@rj@.
Super mooie kaarten staan er op!!!
Tiets en webdesigners petje af hoor, mijn complimenten.
Groetjes van Marja en Moeder.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm maybe the newest member of Tiets' club! Became one yesterday.. Didn't know she had one before ;)
Been looking around on the club, and it's awesome!! Full of great cards, sketches, challenges, workshops, the amazing forum (where I read about this ) and much more.. I totally love it :)
X, Ava

nonna said...

Hallo allemaal:)
via de club van tiets kom ik ook even hier wat neer pennen;)
ik ben nog niet zo lang lid van de club van tiets,
toen ik met de clubdag in oktober echt mee in aanraking ben gekomen vanaf die tijd ben ik echt verkocht aan scrapkaarten maken:)
elke dag ben ik wel even op de club of de blog van tiets te vinden,
en via de blog van tiets heb ik ook weer andere mooie scrapkaartmaaksters ontdekt:) sids een paar dagen ben ik er achter hoe ik favorieten in mijn blog kan zetten, heb zelf nog niet een eigen blog aangemaakt voorlopig heb ik genoeg aan jullie mooie kaarten, mijn kaarten kan je komen bewonderen op de club van tiets:)
ik hoop er nog heel lang van te mogen geneiten.
wens iedereen alvast een heel mooei kerstdagen toe en een geweldig mooi en vooral een creatief 2009 toe:)
groetjes nonna

HillsAngels said...

What a very nice thing you do for Tiets the club. But I can tell you this

Greetings from Hil

Jolanda said...

Hi, I'm Jolanda. I 'm a member of the fine club of Tiet. She learned me a lot of technics to make beautiful cards. Also she showed many examples of beautiful stamps on het cards. She has for me the wow-factor.

Marjolein said...

OMG 53 comments alone for Tiets club...;) Well yes, it's a very, very busy club here in Holland and pretty addictive too!
Please come and look again, as I am sure, you will find enough for you pleasure, even if the language seems chinese :-)))
Bye bye, Marjolein

Marlies said...

Tiets' club is gorgeous !!
I wish there were 48 hours in a day, so I could spend part of the extra 24 hours on visiting her club and enjoying all the lovely creations. Keep up the good work, Tiets!