Monday again

How was your weekend, did you enjoy our little blog hop?
A huge thank you to our DT, your work is always fantastic girls and I could not do it without you!

I will be on the look out for cards made using the new designs on your blogs.

I am only in the HOS for an hour today, other things to do, meetings with layers, solicitors and a little product sourcing to do. That made up for the boring stuff after a weekend of bookwork it was nice to
go shopping for new ideas, pretty things that may or may not lead to a new branch of the House OF Sugar.*wink*

I have a trip to Glasgow this coming week as there are things to do with Debbie before she leaves for the USA, my oldest at 20, studying law at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, she is off to work in the USA for the summer. A fantastic opportunity for anyone and I hope that all goes well in London this week as she collects her working visa.
As a Mother I do worry about her but not as much as her father does, daddy's girl that one! I may have to visit her in NY this summer just to see that she is OK. I already have list of shops to visit in Manhattan, not stamps shops but still within the "craft" concept, just a little different to what we usually do.

Have a great week girls and ink up those stamps when they land at your place. Tomorrow is the dentist first thing, OH happy days.



craftyb said...

Yes the blog hop was great...certainly a fabulous new range of images...but I did miss Marlene and Tiets in the line-up...I've noticed their names are no longer on the list of "Creative Designers"...they are both fabulous designers and so inspirational...yep, I missed you both girls! bx

Ruthie said...

oooooo - this all sounds so intriguing!


Macpurp said...

hope you got on ok at the dentist...
love tina x

Julye said...

Seems I missed some fun as I'm working backwards as I have to get on blogland visits done first thing as everything has to be shut down when my son is doing his exams 2 and a half hours english this morning and then he likes to play sims to unwind so no blogland for me, will find out what I missed later thanks Julye