Yummy Yummy

Yummy yummy beads, yes these have been a long time in coming into stock but after seeing them in real life we have already placed our third order before they sell out. This is whats new and exciting in the House of Sugar today, in the style of Pandora bead but far less cost. I have already  have them in my shopping basket and will "make" I use that term loosely, more like assemble them and make pretty boxes for pressies for young girls. Birthday and dare I say it Christmas pressies, these are perfect stock fillers. Now Kate and Katie both have the real thing but I would be happy to give my youngest one of these as a pressie. Beautiful colours and a fantastic price. Look at all these........

When I left the HOS, Mark was loading them on to Funkykits
so if you feel like "making" some pretty bracelets pop over and have a look.here.

The sun is shining this afternoon and I am heading off to Glasgow in an hour, I might not be around for the next few day but I hope you have a lovely weekend.


{International customers are welcome to buy these from FK
 as each packet weighs the same as a stamp,
10 stamps max for standard international posting.}


Donalda said...

Oh these are just gorgeous dear!!
These sure won't stay in stock long

Paula said...

These look so interesting - great fun to embellish the Mangas with too - can think of playing with the spacers ........... uh oh - will have spent some money rather quickly & need some Kathy Hare, Leanne Ellis, & some of the older stamps first - well actually ALL your SN stamps......
One can but dream
Paula (PEP)

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

oooopppps seem to have pressed the 'buy' button on these gorgoues beads! I love them and I think a few people will be getting them as pressies!

have a great weekend!
Judy xx