To be 18 again

Ok I give up, since this morning I have been trying with no success to load pictures up for today's post. I have no idea why its not working but I give up with this one today.

pop over to Sarah's blog where she has two cool cards for boys using mangas, Rock Star and Sporty, nice and simple these card are a great inspiration for those of you who like CAS. There are more mangas on the drawing table at the HOS and I am sure that after all your great ideas we shall see come happy stampers mid summer.

Rock star................Rock ness, yes it's that time of year again when all young folk head on up to Inverness to camp out for the weekend and get up to no good while at this concert. DD # 2, Katie (18) has set off like a pack mule to camp out miles from where the bus drops them off with no doubt lots of drink, a little food and lots of fashion stuff to look the part, not forgetting the wellies! A weekend in a tent, packed in like sardines and the dreaded porta potties......yuck............maybe being 18 again would not be so much fun?

Lets hope that blogger behaves tomorrow and I can bring you some piccies.
ABERDEENSHIRE girls, head up, we are coming to ELLON on Sunday Ist of August for an all day crafting in The Station Hotel, more details to follow but keep the date free if you want some crafting fun and frolics along with classes, demonstrations and make and takes.

catch you all again soon, take care


mustavcoffee said...

Have a great weekend, xx

Linda said...

Hi! Karen,
Was up your neck of the woods today. Had a study day at the Laichmoray Hotel and well I couldn`t go home without coming in past for a purchase or two!!
Looking forward to the 1st at the Staion Hotel. Hope all who go to Rock Ness have a fab time and hope the rain stays away!

Christine said...

A little unsolicited advice. You might try using Windows Livewriter. I've been using it for about a year now and have had no problems at all! It works much like MSWord and completely bypasses bloggers noncense. It's so easy to use and is free. Just google Live Writer and it will take you to the download page.


Paula said...

Hope you've had a good day - sounds rather busy. I shall just have to move up north!
Paula (PEP)

Cheribella said...

:) Don't you just love when your computer won't do what you want it too?
Actually I checked in today to say thank you for the awesome sweetness in the mail for having your banner on my blog. I just love the stamp you sent and I can't wait to ink him up. Thank you again.
Cheri H