Dirty weekend in Birmingham

all that work and very dirty fingers not to mention a linen table cloth under the heat mat which will never be clean again!

We started with this goody bag of new products. ( this pic is from Dyan's blog.)

we finished with three deep 6" canvas's. YES I DO CRAFT!

Our "dirty hands on day" ended in the bar at the hotel with a few PI girlie's. A mystery tour around Birmingham and every one getting home eventually thanks to Marlene, thanks babe I Luv You, is that rrrrong?
The only sad point was that we missed a certain someone as she is knee deep in the sh*te that life has thrown at her lately. We missed you Gayle. xx

Today is the first day of the trade show at NEC, I have no idea whats on my shopping list, I don't think there are any new products out there, just more of the same.
I will be taking my slippers with me as my feet will never last all day, bets are I will have the heals off by coffee time.
take care


Julye said...

You craft so well too, should share you artistic talents with us more often, love the tealy blue one with the sentiment and the others are fab too.

Maria Therese said...

Oh it looks like your having so much fun!! And your canvas pictures are gorgeous!

Lots of hugs!

Janette said...

Oh it all sounds fab. tiring but fab....enjoy whats left of the week-end.xx

Shazza said...

oooh these looks so fab aren and looked like a very inky messy time was enjoyed.

weewiccababe said...

wow how cool is that - and now you're all famous thanks to Mario tweeting your pic lol

Antonia said...

have a good time, slippers are the new heels!!! :)

Jane said...

Looks like fun...enjoy!!

Paula said...

This looks tremendous & I'm thrilled you've had some time for yourself. I do hope your feet survive - never mind the slippers, those can be replaced but take care of your feet. You're very valuable!
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Julie said...

Those canvases are fantastic! I've always wanted to try something similar, but I don't think I could get anywhere near the standard of yours.

Gayle said...

Miss you too(all three of you) xxx

cdm317 said...

Looks like good "dirty" fun!

ourmoi said...

Hi Karen
Now that's my idea of a dirty weekend!
Have fun at the show and I hope you find lots of inspiration!

Juls said...

ooooooooooooh wow this looks too much fun for words!!!! I love getting all inky!! Hugs Juls

Lynne in NI said...

Looks like fun!
And NEC in my slippers sounds like heaven LOL!